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This New Craft Bottle-O Is Selling TV Dinners

By Mathew Trenear
6th Dec 2017


P&V Wine and Liquor is bringing a craft bottle-o to Newtown and FYI, your weekend just got 1000x better. This one is all thanks to the legends from Mary’s and it’ll be focusing on local craft everything because that’s just the inner west way, guys. 

P&V Wine and Liquor is way more than just a bottle-o, but a hub for all things booze and bevs. They basically want it to be booze-community incubator where craft spirits, beer and wine are king—obviously, we are all about it.

Downstairs you’ll find shelves stocked with bottles from the best local winemakers, brewers and distillers because they just want to give the people what they want—i.e. a chance to have their fave drinks at home. Back upstairs, they’ll be holding one-off tastings and classes on the reg so you can learn while you sip. The space will also be available for local winemakers to use for their own meetings and events—consider the bar raised (get it?).

Hold on to your hats guys, because we’re not even close to done yet. P&V is coming at you with pre-batch cocktails by the litre. Yes, really. Think negronis and margaritas in litre ready-to-go bottles—yep, it’s as dangerous as it sounds and we love it.

And just to top everything off, P&V will be selling a selection of microwave ready TV dinners. We’re talking whole roast chook with herb butter, lemon brined spatchcock, BBQ packs and black lentil dahl to grab on your way to the register. What a time to be alive.

We also just scored a seriously cool sculpture

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