This Sydney Cafe Is Ultimate #HealthGoals

By Ange Law
15th Nov 2017


So you’ve hauled your tired (and slightly hungover) butt out of bed on a Saturday morning and hit the gym, only to leave craving the shit out of all the naughty foods. What’s a #fitspo king/queen to do? Gather ‘round children because I’m about to tell you. And hot tip—it involves pancakes. Oh yeah, I know I’ve got your attention now. 

This damn delicious cafe is just quietly the ideal place to take your friend with the dietaries (you know the one) and also, the only cafe you need to hit after the gym. That is, if you want all the protein, carbs, coffee and sneakily healthy cheat meals, all filled to the brim with nutrition. Yep, Warren & Holt is officially the dream, and it’s just become one of our go-to cafes in the inner west. 

warren and holt

I wandered into Warren & Holt on the odd dreary Sydney day and let me tell you, it was absolutely rammed. Luckily, I found a table straight away, and once settled I was faced with one of life’s biggest decisions—large filter coffee or a soy flat white? The answer was both (of course) and I can confirm they were both top notch. 

When ordering food, I decided to embrace the ethos that variety is the spice of life and welcomed the feast to my table with open arms. First, was the Warren Smash—a comforting, tried and true combination of smashed avo on sourdough with a few surprises thrown in for funsies. Think cashew goat’s cheese (they have regular goat’s cheese too, FYI), dukkha, beetroot hummus and a zingy hit of lime. The cashew goat’s cheese nailed the cheesy brief texturally and in the flavour department, and believe me when I say this was one big flavour bomb. 

warren and holt

My decision to order the next dish was fuelled by the fact that every Tom, Dick and Harry had this one parked in front of them and don’t you dare judge me. The green omelette was delightfully green (duh), and the menu told me that’s because they throw Swiss chard into the egg mixture. This bad boy is stuffed with even more green things—fennel, spinach, peas and fresh mint, and is then topped with a tahini, coconut yoghurt and lime sauce, all served with sourdough. This is your ultimate post-gym meal for obvious reasons, and because we’re wild, we recommend you back it up with the hotcake. 

warren and holt

Oh yeah, this is where it gets really good. The vanilla hotcake is a one-pan buckwheat hotcake situation topped with seasonal fruits, maple syrup, vanilla-lime coconut yoghurt (!!) and coconut flakes. You’ll be rapt to hear this one is gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo but if that ain’t your vibe, add a cheeky serve of nitrate-free bacon. You’re welcome.  

If you’re all about that wholesome life, head to Warren & Holt and for the love of brunch, order the hotcake. 


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Image credit: Caitlin Hicks

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