This Truffle Toastie Is Making Everything About Winter Better

By Simone Jovel
1st Jun 2017

best truffles sydney

Cold? Chilly? Feeling a little bit blue? Don’t worry friends, us too. But keep your chin up because there is one solid reason to hand on heart feel #blessed and love this time of year—winter menus.

This is the magical time when cafes across Sydney up their menu game to include all sorts of deliciousness. They know the genuine struggle that is not being able to feel your toes and they’re here to make our winter lives 147% better. 

Cue the legends over at Three Williams who have answered our carb loving prayers with the truffle toastie of our dreams (too much? Didn’t think so). The sangas here are some of Sydney’s best and you’ll want to get your laughing gear around one of their new bad boys STAT. Loaded with mushrooms sautéed in garlic and parsley, packed full with wilted baby spinach and oozy gruyere cheese, finished off with a fried egg (we know) and a luxe shaving of truffle goodness. It tastes as good as it sounds (and looks).

There’s an entire truffle menu on offer at Three Williams from 6 June, so Sydney carb lovers, it’s time to gather the crew.

Here are 20 more things to do, you know, after you've stuffed yourself silly on truffles.

Image credit: Three Williams

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