Three’s A Trend | Cheeseburger Toasties

By Alana Callus
18th Oct 2017


Sydney, we’re going through a toastie revolution right now and ICYMI we are seeeeeriously excited about it. This one involves two of our ultimate hangover cures joining forces to create a deliciously beefy, cheesy hot-pressed baby: the cheeseburger toastie.

Permission to freak out. Now, we’re not really sure that we deserve the gift of cheeseburger toasties but we’re pretty damn glad that the universe has delivered. We want three. Right. Now.

If you’re a fan of all things cheese and burger related (of course you are) then head to these spots for an epic toastie like no other. 

Dutch Smuggler


From the geniuses who brought you the mi goreng toastie (aka the love of our lives), Dutch Smuggler presents the ‘Slap Tha Cheesy’ cheeseburger toastie. It’ll steal your heart with all the maple bacon, oozy American cheddar and pickles stuffed between two slices of white bread.  And we won’t judge if you smuggle (see what we did there?) out an extra toastie to go. In fact, we recommend it. 
Very important hot tip: make sure you keep an eye out for this bad boy on their Facebook page as they change their weekly toastie up, well, weekly. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!



Toasted sambos have gone gourmet at SILY with this cheeseburger toastie, layering up Swiss gruyere with caramelised onions, a ground beef patty and side of classic French fries (obvs). We’ll just let that sink in for a second. And since you’ll be dining beneath dreamy fairy lights, this totally counts as a proper meal.  

Toastie Toast Co


The legends at Toastie Toast Co are the new kids on the block and safe to say, they've mastered the art of comfort food. It’s an entire cafe dedicated to toasties (aka heaven) so obviously the chessiest of all toasties is on the cards. They’ve combined not two, but three of our all-time fave carbs into their Mac ‘n’ Cheeseburger Toastie. Yep, it’s a thing and no surprises here, it literally involves a big ol’ scoop of mac ‘n’ cheese layered on a beef pattie, all squished into a delicious toastie. You can thank us later. 

Looking for regular toasties? Here you go.

Image credit: Dutch Smuggler

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