Three’s A Trend | Where To Find Halloumi Fries In Sydney

By Ange Law
22nd Sep 2017


Guys, simple question: what is better than halloumi fries? Nothing, that’s what. Thankfully, Sydney has finally caught on to the food trend that we’ve been trying to make happen for years—which means you’ll never be more than 20 minutes from the good stuff. 

Yep, we’ve scoured Sydney and taste tested allllll of the halloumi fries. The result? Only the best damn list we’ve ever written—here’s where you can head for halloumi fries in Sydney.

Urban Bites


We got you all hot under the collar a couple of months back with this one and we’re ready to do it all over again. These bad boys are a cross between haloumi fries and nuggets, which just means that they’re bigger than the fries you’re imagining right now. Order three serves for yourself and definitely do not share. We repeat—do not share.


Beverly Hills

You can go ahead and think of EAT GRK as the Kings of halloumi fries. And you’d be dead right. The O.G of halloumi fries, these guys have taken it next level with honey halloumi fries (just crazy enough to work), classic halloumi fries and they’re even putting them in their yiros. You need no more convincing. 

Zeus Street Greek

Various Locations

The cherry on top of this list is Zeus slinging halloumi fries to the masses. These legends have popped up on every street corner in Sydney (near enough) and now, they’re cooking up sweet, delicious halloumi fries. We were half joking before when we said you are never far from your next halloumi fix, but now we’re dead serious. Get on it.

Here are all of the other halloumi dishes you need to know about. 

Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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