URGENT: These Puppies Need Parents

By Millie Lester
5th Sep 2017

Prepare to take a long hard look in the mirror and figure out what the hell it is you want from life because Guide Dogs NSW are in urgent need of volunteer Puppy Raisers, and this might just be the calling you’ve been waiting for. Yes, you read that right: Puppy Raisers. They need you to become a small fluff ball’s parent, ASAP.

Though it sounds like the best goddam hobby in the entire universe, there are a number of obligations that come with raising a Guide Doggo. For twelve months you’ll care for the lil pup and take them to Puppy Pre-School where they’ll learn basic commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “drop” and “don’t forget to record GOT tonight”. You’ll have to take the pupper to its vet and progress appointments, to the shops, to cafes and even to work, and basically EVERYWHERE, because that’s what guide dogs do.

In addition, there are a number of criteria you have to meet to be a Puppy Raiser. For example, you have to:

  • Live in the Sydney area - to ensure our puppy raising team can easily travel to your home to make regular inspections.

  • Be able to take your pupper everywhere (they shouldn’t be left alone for more than four hours)

  • Walk your puppy each day.

  • Allow your puppy to sleep and spend time indoors.

  • Have a yard with dog-proof fencing.

  • Have access to a car to transport your puppy.

  • Be available to attend training at Puppy Pre-School and socialisation days.

If you tick all these boxes, then you are quite possibly in for the best twelve months of your life so if you’ve got room in your home, in your schedule and in your ~heart~, then there’s a high chance there’s Puppy Raising potential within you.

For more information on what’s involved with raising a puppy, who can do it and the application process, head to the official Guide Dogs NSW website.

Image credit: Ben Tyers

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