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Vodka, Vinyl & Vanilla

By Jacqui Thompson
6th Aug 2013

Ching-a-Lings, conveniently located above every inner-city, late-night goer's 3am pit stop—Indian Home Diner, Oxford Street, offers a haven of good music and seriously good cocktails.

Your medicinal nightcap is in the safe hands of bartender Sam Smith (very handsome by the way), who will happily concoct you a Vanilla Thrilla to ease you into your nightly activities.  

So what is in a Vanilla Thrilla you may ask? Ice Ice Baby…

30ml Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka

15 ml Créme de Cacao

60 ml pear juice

1 tsp vanilla sugar

Shaken and served over ice in a vanilla, sugar-rimmed glass with a thin slice of pear garnish.

Now, if that is not tempting enough for you, then you need to head to BEEFSTEW this Thursday night—and every second Thursday night after that.

Put on by Dave from Sprit Valley, vinyl (that you actually really, really want) is raffled at 9:30pm and 11:30pm consecutively, all via the 'numbered ping pong in a soup cauldron' system.

A really good night – so: STOP, COLLABORATE & LISTEN.

Image Credit: Sabotage Times
Image Credit: The Sun

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