We Stayed At The World’s First Astrology Hotel

By Simone Jovel
6th Mar 2017

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If you, like us, care very deeply about what the moon and the sun were doing at the exact time you were born—this one’s for you. Sydney now lays claim to the world’s first Astrology Hotel and we’re pretty damn sure we’ve got your attention.

Located in Haymarket, The Ultimo Hotel has had a zodiac-style facelift, offering you a totally personalised experience. Along with their newly refurbished rooms in one of Chinatown’s heritage listed buildings, every aspect of your stay has been reimagined. They’ve teamed up the big guns, enlisting leading Astrologer Damian Rocks, to produce a tailored guide for guests based on their star sign. Sounds a bit fab doesn’t it? You’ll receive a personalised star chart on arrival, and that’s just the beginning.

With everything from where to eat and drink, things to see and do, both in and around Sydney, all the way through to customised ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs, zodiac slippers, a horoscope with your morning paper and Astrolo-tea (see what they did there?) in flavours to match your place in the zodiac. We should also mention that The Ultimo Hotel has dog friendly rooms, so you and your best mate can kick back for a good ol’ staycation.

If you opt for the Off The Charts package, you’ll get to go one-on-one with the man himself, as Damian takes you through every detail of the real VIP—you! At the moment, your astrology reading will take place either over Skype, or at Damian’s reading rooms in Leichardt. The real question is—how well do you think you know yourself?

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The Ultimo Hotel | Image credit: Nikki To

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