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By Sophia McMeekin
25th Jul 2014

It's Friday, which means you can put a shot of something in your coffee and no one can judge you. It also means it's time for This Week on the Web — a hodge podge of links from around the web we thought you might get a kick out of.

This week's tasty assortment includes a shirtless Zac Efron, a peanut butter Tim Tam, and the hilarious fall out from Blake Lively's lifestyle website's launch. 

Move over Farmville. The Kardashian's new mobile game sounds surprisingly awesome. Downloading...

This week Blake Lively launched her lifestyle website, Preserve, to an unsuspecting world, and confused the crap out of everyone. We were thinking Goop, but what we got was so much worse. Part hipster nightmare, part Texan-flavoured e-catalogue, it's pretty much made our year — she's selling mason jar candles for Christ sake. You're only 5 years too late to the hipster thing, Lively. Keep trying.

Speaking of things that made our year, also this.

It's temptation time: Zac Efron went on a largely shirtless adventure in the wild with Bear Grylls, and Arnott's launched their new Tim Tam flavour, peanut butter. Which makes us feel like this:

this week on the web

It makes perfectly decent text messages smutty, but is the only reason anyone thinks you can spell. Here's the history of autocorrect.

Hold onto your roughage, kids. There's a world-wide kale shortage happening. Be afraid, and stock your freezer. 

So it turns out you're not incredibly lazy and destined to fail at life — there's a procrastination gene! Now get back to watching The Voice.

And, this week's best fun, dumb game on Twitter is 'Remove a letter and ruin a band name'. Here are the highlights.

Image credit: Yeeoz

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