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By Sophia McMeekin
1st Aug 2014

It's nearly the weekend, the glorious time of week when you can lose the pants. Have a ball killing time this Friday with our favourite links from around the web this week.

this week on the web

Firstly, and most importantly, news from the Bey and J camp. While rumours of their split come fast and ominous, Beyonce had time to drop this 50 Shades of Grey teaser, and we had time to peruse their entire relationship history

Sandra Bullock turned 50 this week, continues to look like fit 32 year old. Yeah, you should feel lazy. 

This handy bracelet gives you a friendly little electric shock if you miss the gym, and will even post on your Facebook wall if you miss a workout. It's like a bitchy friend that lives on your arm. Thanks, but if we want to feel bad about not working out we'll just go back to thinking about Sandra being 50.

It's back in all its crappy glory: The New Yorker is on the set of Sharknado 2

The distressed denim trend goes too far. In Japan, you can now buy jeans that have been mauled by a bear.

And, just in time, Levi's have launched a line of pre worn-in 501s and the like. Not masticated by wild animals, but, still good.

Skin is clearly in, and you can get your dermal fix with this — thankfully hairless — skin covered furniture.

The mutant food craze shows no signs of letting up. Here's a recipe for a glazed donut pie.

this week on the web

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Image credit: Food Beast, Giphy, Mic

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