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By Sophia McMeekin
22nd Aug 2014

The week is coming to a close, but there's still one whole day to demolish before the magical weekend begins again. Enjoy our favourite links from around the web this week, while you wait.

This week, rumours of a world hazelnut shortage had us spooked, because we don't want to live in a world without Nutella. Luckily they seem to have things under control. FOR NOW.

And you thought mullets were bad. Now the rat's tail is apparently on the way back. Miley, why must you assault our eye balls in so many creative ways?

We love us a good food mutant, and this Rice Krispies Treat donut fits the bill.

This week Taylor Swift dropped her new album, shook her ass a bit, broke up with Country Music, and offended a few people. The haters came out to play even faster than usual (like, before they'd even heard it). Not a bad effort for someone so vanilla.

this week on the web

Chocolate scientist: One of those annoying jobs you didn't know existed when you decided not to study for your Chem exam.

The Robin Williams tributes continue. Some in pizza form.

In another sad day for Lindsay Lohan, her attempt at the Ice Bucket Challenge in a New York club was so uninspiring that no one bothered to film it. Keep trying, Lilo. We still kind of give a shit.

The ultimate intersection of fashion and weight loss. Would you try the Margiela diet?

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