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By Sophia McMeekin
12th Sep 2014

As another week comes to an end, take a minute to reflect on all the food porn, celebrity trash talk, and plain old weird shit that happened around the web, with our favourite links of the week!

Disney's Hollywood Studios have taken the festival food idea and run with it. Presenting, the Mac 'n Cheese cone. You can't say they're not creative.

And in case the whole Styrofoam cup thing wasn't exciting enough for you, here's an edible coffee cup. 

While most of us have been quietly living our lives, New York Fashion Week has been raging. Rihanna's been rolling through the shows like a boss bitch, ignoring Bono and making bucket hats look legit', and Miley rocked up to an after party with not much more on than a weird rash and stick-on nipple covers, and smoked something that looked a lot like a doobie while wearing marijuana leaf earrings. Subtle.

Miles also launched her Dirty Hippy collab' with Jeremy Scott (that's what its called, not us being mean), and it's even better (worse?) than we thought it would be.

Food trends may come and go, but our love with bread will last forever. In case you'd like to inject more bread into your diet and are in need of inspiration, here's a guide to eating toast for dinner, and how to make bread into dessert.

More crusty goodness: the world's sandwiches, ranked in order of awesomeness.

This pet turtle was found in the attic 30 years after it supposedly run away from home. It ate nothing. For thirty years. But dust. Talk about willpower. 

On The Origins of the Basic Bitch by the editor of the Harvard Lampoon: 'The trappings of basicness are the components of modern existence at its least common denominators: a pumpkin-spice latte in her French-manicured hand, a complete lack of self-awareness, and a vocal inflection that makes statements sound like questions'.

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