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By Sophia McMeekin
31st Oct 2014

Happy Halloween, y'all! For this very spooky special edition of This Week on the Web we've got the best pop culture witches, the freakiest Double Down burger yet, and Mariah Carey dressed a sexy fireman (we told you shit was going to get scary).

It's decorative gourd season. Get clickin'.

Those zany Korea kids at KFC have thrown caution and cardiac health to the wind and created the frighteningly fatty Zinger Double Down King. Beef, bacon, some kind of special sauce, squiggled between two Zinger breasts.

The trend towards freaky food mash ups is getting kind of sick. Would you try a cheese whoopee pie? We would. Y'know, for research...

In other cheese news, 'cheese babysitter' is this week's job we wish we had.

Annnnnd, here's a guide to making the perfect cheeseburger.

The US Forest Service has been forced to issue a warning against taking selfies with bears

If you need any ideas for what not to wear tonight, here's the 'sexiest' celebrity Halloween costumes. 

Flavour Wire are counting down the best '90s witches from pop culture.

And forget about watching horror movies tonight, these are the scariest TV shows of all time.

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Image credit: Thrillist

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