Tiramisu French Toast Is A Delicious Thing That Exists In Sydney

By Ange Law
17th Nov 2017

ICYMI dessert for breakfast is totally a thing. And now, thanks to the legends at Cavalier Speciality Coffee in St Leonards, you can get all of your favourite things straight from the same bowl. You know what we’re talking about—brunch, coffee and sweet sweet dessert. They’ve invented tiramisu flavoured French toast and we don’t think well ever look at regular French toast the same way again.

Picture this—a fat slice of French toast, layered with creamy mascarpone, coffee-soaked sponge fingers and a chocolate crunch covering the entire thing. We’d like to pretend that this one was designed for sharing but let’s be real, you’ll be eating the whole damn thing yourself and you’ll enjoy every second of it. 

Consider Sunday morning officially sorted, team.

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Image credit: Cavalier Speciality Coffee Instagram with permission.

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