We’ve Just Found Vegan ‘Nutella’ Pizzas

By James Shackell
3rd Aug 2017


Proving once again that moving to Melbourne wouldn’t be that bad (lol jokes #Sydneyforlife), they’ve just scored vegan 'Nutella' Pizzas. We’ll just let that sink in for a moment—it is epic news after all.

So now that you’ve just booked your trip down to Melbs, we’ll tell you that the insane goodness is happening at Shop 225 Pizzeria in Pascoe Vale South. Over half the pizza menu at this joint is stamped with an animal-friendly ‘V’, and we weren’t kidding when we said that these guys have even gone so far as to create a vegan 'Nutella' substitute (!!). 

You can get it drizzled on both the 'Nutella' Calzone and 'Nutella' Pizza, topped with fresh strawberries and icing sugar. This stuff is just so effing good. If it came to a Pepsi Challenge-style blind taste test, you’d be hard pressed to tell it apart from the original. We’re not sure what sort of alchemical magic was involved in creating a vegan 'Nutella' equivalent. Just be glad someone took the leap. 

Don’t ask questions—just eat. 

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Image credit: Jenna Fahey-White

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