Where To Find The Best Croissants In Sydney

By Ally Parker
15th May 2017

You may have heard the phrase, “I pity the fool” spoken by fashion guru and deity Mr T. But did you know the second half of this phrase? It’s actually; “I pity the fool who doesn’t eat croissants on the daily”. True story.

Inspired, and slightly peckish, we set out to discover Sydney’s best croissants as not a day should go by without one of these crescent beauties firmly in grasp. Not a single damn day, amirite?

Infinity Bakery

Darlinghurst, Manly, Paddington.

With a focus on quality ingredients and products made with love and care, you really can’t go past Infinity Bakery. Especially once you’ve tried their pastries. Handmade and crafted onsite in the traditional French way (but with a contemporary twist), IB’s croissants are preservative free and go great with a fresh cup o’ Joe. Located in Darlinghurst, Manly, Paddington (and our dreams), there’s no excuse not to stop by Infinity Bakery. Unless of course, you’ve already been there once today, or are on some kind of croissant self-exclusion program (read: mission to have a miserable existence).

Lavie & Belle.

Surry Hills

The locals will kill us but we just had to share this new hole-in-the-wall bakery with you. While Lavie & Belle’s tarts, flans and éclairs have us drooling, we can’t go past a croissant. After all, they’re baked fresh daily using 100 per cent French techniques and ingredients. Ah, Lavie & Belle (just try and say that without a French accent) what did we do to deserve you?

Blackstar Pastry

Newtown, Rosebury, Sydney CBD

These guys are not messing around; Blackstar Pastry earned gold at the Sydney Royal 2017 Fine Food Show (yes, croissant competitions exist). Their website lists the not-so-humble croissant as “staple of a sensible diet” and we couldn’t agree more, especially as theirs are made with cultured butter from butter experts Pepe Saya. Excuse us while we grab their goats cheese and leek quiche as a chaser.

Textbook Boulangerie Patisserie


What happens when you cross a self-confessed bread geek with a Michelin-trained pâtissier? A couple of top blokes named John and Steve plus Alexandria-based eatery Textbook, that’s what. These two know the ins and outs of every bread and pastry—even the science—so you know you’re going to get something tip top. Bonus points should be awarded for their Mardi Gras rainbow croissants.

Bourke Street Bakery

Numerous locations

Made the old fashioned way—by hand and with an extra helping of love—there’s a reason everyone knows the name Bourke Street Bakery. From the early days in a dusty Surry Hills corner, to today’s 11 locations, Bourke Street Bakery use only the best ingredients to craft croissants, breads and pastries. These guys are also the first biz in Australia to convert all organic waste into compost, and all leftover stock is donated to charities like OzHarvest, Wayside Chapel and Father Johns. Psst! You can also learn to bake your own sourdough at their master classes.

La Renaissance Café

The Rocks

The next stop on our croissant tour of Sydney (also known as every Sunday morning) is La Renaissance Café in The Rocks. These guys know their desserts from black forest to tiramisu, and all the ones you can’t pronounce in between. The La Renaissance croissant is a flaky affair, baked fresh and if you’re lucky, straight from the oven. These guys have just opened a second store in Waterloo, so pop on down and see what all the well-deserved fuss is about.

Goose Bakery

Forest Lodge

The word ‘goose’ may usually be reserved for your swear-avoidant friend (“What a silly goose!”) but hush now, we’re talking about bread. Located in Forest Lodge (smack-bang between Ultimo and Annandale) is your new favourite, Goose Bakery. Their almond croissants look like a thing of pure beauty—topped with sour cherry—and their plain variety earns an easy tick of approval. We’ve also heard amazing things about their blueberry and lemon cream danish so get down there.

St Honoré Bakery

North Sydney, Edgecliff

Their logo may look like an angry gnome, but these guys know their croissants (and bread, pies, tarts and quiches). Grab yourself a butter, chocolate or almond croissant (heck, all three) and settle in with a coffee. St Honoré have two storefronts, one a-piece in North Sydney and Edgecliff, so there’s no excuse not to grab something handmade and fresh AF.


Alexandria, Bondi, Glebe, Paddington, Rose Bay, Waterloo, Woollahra

Most have heard of this not-so-little bakery thanks to their BEA-UTIFUL sourdough. But did you know they also make pretty awesome croissants? Their bread is pretty eye-catching. It’s our mission to make Sonoma’s almond croissants the talk of the town so please, for the sake of your happiness, go here. Bonus: all their flour is from sustainable sources and a partnership with Wholegrain Milling.



Serving up much-loved Mecca coffee and a slew of flakey croissants, Brickfields are the Cleveland street café Chippendale was crying out for. Try the almond croissant—plain, chocolate or with brandy and cinnamon infused frangipane filling—if you’re after breakfast

(or heck, lunch, dinner or just a snack) with a little extra something. You’ll also find Brickfields at the occasional weekend market, so keep a keen eye open. Croissants wait for no man.

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Inifnity Bakery | Image credit: Ben Harris

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