Where To Get Your Meat On In Sydney

By Jack Howes
17th May 2016

best bbq in Sydney

We surely live in unique times. Activewear, #cleaneating, fitspo, preachy vegan cousins, and the long march of quinoa. But sometimes you have to say enough is enough. That the chickpeas and kale aren’t quite doing it for you. That all you want is a delicious burger, or some ribs, or even, God forbid, a steak. And that’s where we come in. Bringing you the best meat Sydney has to offer, from all corners of the globe. So go on, get out there, get amongst it. Your heart deserves the workout. 

Ribs & Burgers

Multiple locations

Ribs & Burgers does exactly what it says on the tin. It gives you ribs and burgers. And damn fine ones while we’re at it. It’s probably an article for another day, but the wings are well worth a look too. There’s nothing crazy going on here, it’s just good, clean, simple food, and sometimes that’s all you want.


Surry Hills

Everyone’s got an opinion on who does the best barbecue in the world. The Brazilians, the Koreans, about eight different states in the US, but for my money I’m rolling with the Argentinians. Get on down to Porteño, and  you’ll probably agree. The eight-hour woodfired pig is as good a bit of meat as you’ll find anywhere in Sydney. Get your crew together and get down it. You’re not going to want to miss out on anything.

LP's Quality Meats


People come to Luke Powell’s joint for for the ribs, smoked for a casual 15 hours if you don’t mind, and it’s easy to see why. They come out in a big slab, daring you to get involved. And that’s the only way to do it, sticky fingers be damned. The sides deserve a shout out as well, lit barely even does them justice. Not saying they’re better than the meat, but they might be better than the meat. Bring your outdoor voices, this place gets loud. 

Rockpool Bar & Grill


What do you even say about Neil Perry at this point? The dude’s been doing it for like the last hundred years and he’s still killing it. You can’t ever trust a man with a ponytail, but I’m prepared to concede he knows his way around a piece of meat. Rockpool’s an institution for a reason, it’s an experience worth having. Just don’t ask for your steak to be well done!

The Cut Bar & Grill

The Rocks
If you’re chasing the best steakhouse in town, The Cut Bar & Grill is well and truly in the conversation. There are a range of mouthwatering meats on the menu including a Darling Downs F1 Wagyu (heaven) and their signature fou hour slow roasted wagyu standing rib (drool). Choose the cut and grade of meat you’re after, then you’re good to go. 

678 Korean BBQ


After years of promises, predictions, and forecasts, it feels like Korean food has finally broken through to the mainstream. And how good is it? If you’ve never had Korean barbecue before, put this one straight at the top of your list. Hot coals come out to the table along with some dishes (banchan), but if you’re there you might as well go all in and get all of the meats. If you get a shot at wagyu oyster blade, take it. Its availability is limited, but it is so, so, worth going off menu for.

Black Betty at The Oxford Tavern


I know, I know, I’ve been holding back on the Southern barbecue. But we’re here now, and it’s going to be worth the wait. Black Betty brings it. Whether you get on a hickory smoked burger, fried chicken with red eye mayo, or the slow braised beef cheeks, you’re going to be leaving a very happy camper. For the serious meat fiends out there, Black Betty sees you. Get in on a Monday night for the Mega T-Bones. They’re not messing around. 

Bovine & Swine


Having held out on you for so long, you’ve got more Americana coming in. Almost feels like the city’s overrun with them these days, doesn’t it? But if they’re all like Bovine & Swine, who’s complaining? The brisket here is absolutely unreal. If anyone can point a better one in the city I’d love to hear it, because I seriously can’t imagine anything else getting past this. Take a mate, get the meat plate for two, then do your best to ignore the suddenly developing chest pains you feel over the next couple of days. It’s your heart’s way of saying thanks. 

Feather & Bone


Taking a step back from the all-out barbecue assault that is Bovine & Swine, Feather & Bone is one of Sydney’s very finest providores. If you’re thinking that sounds like a hella upmarket butcher, you’re pretty much on the money. These guys source whole pasture-raised animals, which is great for both taste and the twinge of guilt you get whenever you see cute pig videos online. They run great classes all year round, and most importantly they sell amazing product—nose to tail. They’re an inspiring group, doing some really important work. Get on over there, it’ll change the way you cook forever.

Need more meat? Head here for some of Sydney's best butchers.

Image Credit: Jackielyn Powell at Bovine & Swine 

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