Where To Head For Your Soy Coffee Fix In Sydney

By Angela Law
2nd Mar 2016

Sydney's best soy coffee

Sniffing out your new morning coffee spot is a difficult task and not a decision that should be taken lightly. Add a preference for soy milk into the mix and you could end up with a lumpy disaster. We have put together a list of 16 cafes in Sydney who are nailing it every single time, so you never have to endure a bad start to your day again. You’re welcome.



Cornersmith is a special little place where Mecca Coffee is served with a smile and it never disappoints (no really, it’s got to be some of the best coffee in Sydney). We love places that take the time to prepare coffee with love, and the guys at Cornersmith get it right every single time.


Surry Hills

Gnome serves up house-roasted coffee alongside their paddock-to-plate style menu, which ticks all of those early morning boxes. The coffee machine itself looks like it just stepped out of Grease which only adds to the special care that you can just tell has been poured into every coffee (see what we did there?).

The Baron

Castle Hill 

Owned and run by a bunch of lovely local boys, The Baron prides themselves on not only an ever-changing menu, but also Single Origin coffee, which is never less than ridiculously delicious. Whether you are a soy drinker or prefer yours the old fashioned way, you will not leave disappointed. Plus, they have a cabinet filled with gourmet doughnuts, just get in early or risk missing out. 

The Tuckshop


And we can’t forget The Baron’s little brother, where the coffee is just as delicious, but comes with a big blanket to lay out on the grass and soak up that summer sunshine. 



An institution on the Bondi café scene, the new-and-improved Harry’s never fails to deliver the soy-caffeinated goods. Weekends may see you waiting for a table, but we love picking up a cup on the way to the coastal walk to avoid the crowds altogether.

Bread and Circus


Located just around the corner from The Grounds, Bread and Circus is definitely Alexandria’s worst kept secret. The food is organic/biodynamic/delicious and just as good as The Grounds (located just around the corner), minus the 45 minute wait. Their house blend is always on point, but you can choose between their special visiting blends if you are in the mood for a more exotic morning cup.

Bondi Massive


Whether you sit down in the café to enjoy your leisurely coffee or order through the window on your way to the bus, Bondi Massive has your morning coffee situation sorted. Plus, with a friendly smile and some much needed morning banter, you will be well on your way to good day.



Smalltown serves up their Single Origin blends daily while maintaining a sleek-yet-still-very-Northern-Beaches style that has the locals returning every Sunday morning. You can also order an almond milk brew, but when the soy is so damn good, why would you bother? We recommend you pick up one of their house made doughnuts while you are at it. It would be wrong not to.

Nelson Road Tuckshop

Bondi Junction

Nelson Road Tuckshop may have just become your ideal stopover to recharge on the drive to work since they are located in the heart of Bondi Junction. Their cabinet is overflowing with breakfast, lunch and snack options and their coffee is simply delicious. 

Don Campos


Spotting a Campos sign outside a café when you are in the dark depths of your caffeine craving is like spotting water in the dessert. It is always a sure thing. And where better to get your fix than at their flagship espresso bar in Alexandria? The line may be long, but the service is efficient and the coffee is well worth the wait.

Three Blue Ducks


The Ducks has become an institution on the Bronte café scene and is responsible for injecting life back into the tired shops at the top of Macpherson Street. In the form of vegetable patches, beehives, a delicious seasonal menu and expertly brewed coffee the area has been revived. Just make sure you get there early or risk waiting for a table, which is entirely worth it (just sayin’). 

The Grounds of Alexandria


One of Sydney’s most popular cafes for a reason, these guys roast their coffee on site and serve up a mean soy coffee that’s worth it’s weight in gold. There is something therapeutic about watching the beans roasting away while you sip on your own cup of coffee and let the morning drift by. Bliss.


Hunters Hill

Serving up Fat Poppy coffee and nicknamed as the “Hounds of Hunters Hill” Dachshund already sounds like a fun place to pick up your morning coffee. Plus, with an open kitchen and friendly welcome as you walk through the door, you can say hello to delicious coffee in Sydney’s Inner West, sans dairy!

Henley’s Wholefoods

Bondi Junction

With new locations popping up all over Sydney, Henley’s is single-handedly ensuring that we are never too far from a delicious coffee or a nourishing plate of food. Pop in after your weekly Pilates class or for breakfast on the way to the beach for that much-needed caffeine hit. With vegan options galore, it only seems right to keep it going and order a soy coffee while you are at it.

If love your coffee check out Ironwood Coffee in the directory here.

Image credit: Jackielyn Powell at The Grounds of Alexandria

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