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Translucent Espresso Martinis Are Now An Actual Thing
By Amber De Luca-Tao - 09 Aug 2017

It’s not every day you can sip a cocktail in a dry ice spa... at a bar. Unless you live in Melbourne, that is. Thanks to innovative… Read More +

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Newtown, NSW

King Street has welcomed its newest bar to the ranks of every-growing winners,… Read More +

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Freda’s Bar & Canteen
Chppendale, NSW

Freda's is a relaxed spot for a drink and bite to eat. The 100-year-old… Read More +

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Dear Sainte Éloise

Potts Point just keeps getting cooler, with a late night wine bar… Read More +

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The Rocks, NSW

Tuxedo is Sydney’s first venue dedicated to espresso martinis and, because they… Read More +

It’s Getting Hot In Here | Sydney’s Best Fireplaces
By Jessica Best - 05 Aug 2017

If eating, drinking and general lazing about near a crackling furnace equals winter, then it can totally stay. And we’ll have you… Read More +

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Antipodean Restaurant & Bar
Potts Point, NSW

Unbuckle your belts and make your way to Potts Point ASAP because Grant King’s… Read More +

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Manly Pavilion
Manly , 2095

Manly Pavilion is waterfront dining at its best—sitting on the wharf side of… Read More +

19 Awesome Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend
By Sophia Richardson - 03 Aug 2017

Thank god the rain has left us (at least for now), so we can do what we do best—drink, eat and make the most of the endless sunshine.… Read More +

14 Free Things To Do This August
By Jessica Best - 01 Aug 2017

August in Sydney calls for some pretty amaze events so prepare to deck out your calendar with a stack of exhibitions, illusions (yes),… Read More +

42 Things To Do In Sydney This August
By Jessica Best - 01 Aug 2017

Heads up, August in Sydney is looking extra AF. We may or may not have packed the last month of winter with absolutely everything epic event… Read More +

Hey Sydney, A New Retro-Inspired Bar Has Opened In Redfern! 
By Urban List Writers - 27 Jul 2017

Here at The Urban List, we’re partial to a cocktail… or three. So, when we heard Redfern had gotten itself a brand-new… Read More +

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