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Lily Jackson Hair + Makeup
Darlinghurst, NSW

Finding a hairdresser is one of the (read: most) daunting experiences any girl can go… Read More +

8 Things You Should Always Tell Your Hairdresser
By Phoebe McRae - 01 Mar 2018

Women of Sydney, gather ‘round. We’ve unlocked a few secrets that 100% will change your life. Yes, we’re serious–and… Read More +

Collector Store
Barangaroo, NSW

If you’re looking to treat yourself to a little retail therapy, Collector Store… Read More +

Bondi Wash
Bondi Beach, NSW

With more to like than just their good looks (and smells), Bondi Wash will have you… Read More +

Blown Lux
Barangaroo, NSW

In some of the best news ever Sydney now lays claim to a shiny, new blow dry bar.… Read More +

GS Cosmetic Doctors
Alexandria, NSW

A trip to GS Cosmetic Doctors isn’t your average trip to the spa, with… Read More +

Hair Cartel
Bondi Beach, NSW

Everyone knows that choosing somewhere to get your mane tamed is a big freakin’… Read More +

Drop Everything: Lush Just Dropped A Bunch Of New Fragrances!
By Catherine Blake - 09 Feb 2018

Purveyors of soaps, bath bombs, and that sleepy-time lotion that became a viral sensation, Lush are in the business of pretty things… Read More +

Finally! It’s The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Essential Oils
By Mikaela Burnett - 18 Jan 2018

Essential Oils are fast becoming THE most talked about subject, but why the heck is this you ask? What is so special about these… Read More +

Where To Get Last Minute Beauty Treatments Before Christmas
By Jessica Best - 12 Dec 2017

We get it Sydney, December (though boasting all that is delicious and joyful) is no doubt one of the most stressful months of the year. And… Read More +

16 Of The Best Vegan Beauty Products To Invest In
By Elena Mauen - 14 Nov 2017

Imagine if vegan beauty was more than a hashtag? Could the cute bunny on the packaging really make a difference? Here at The Urban List, we… Read More +

How To Look After Your Skin In Your 20s
By Bree Nowland - 12 Nov 2017

PSA for all you 20 year olds who think investing in skincare is ridiculous—your body actually stops producing collagen once you hit… Read More +

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