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The Gen Y Guide To Getting Healthy Without Trying
By Rachel Lay - 17 Jan 2018

After spending Christmas waxing lyrical about “new year new me” while stuffing our faces with Lindt ball after Lindt ball,… Read More +

Sydney, NSW

SpeedFit is finally coming to the CBD this August and you should be more than a… Read More +

Fitness Dummy | We Tried Muay Thai
By Ally Parker - 17 Jan 2018

ICYMI we are all about a fitness craze. Anything promising to deliver the goods is always (at least in theory) a great idea to us. So if… Read More +

The Barre Project
Sydney, NSW

Lovers of extreme exercise and anything that involves HIIT (that’s… Read More +

Nomad Bouldering Gym
Annandale, NSW

Forget muscle beach and crossfit, the biggest-ever bouldering gym in the South… Read More +


With all the food we love to eat, we’re alllll about fitness (or have to be).… Read More +

Ninja 101
Wetherill Park, NSW

Now that we’re all grown up (for the most part), we’re all looking for… Read More +

Surf’s Up! A Wave Park Is Coming To Sydney
By Angela Law - 22 Dec 2017

Another point goes to Sydney’s West, with the announcement of the second surf park to hit our town in as many weeks; this time in the… Read More +

Sydney’s Best Walks
By Phoebe McRae - 15 Dec 2017

Walking is our kind of vibe. It gets you moving, gets your heart rate up, and we've got some seriously stunning routes at our disposal.… Read More +

Hot Dog Yoga
Double Bay, NSW

Everyone knows the worst thing about yoga is the distinct lack of dogs. Everyone.… Read More +

Local Escapes
Best Dog-Friendly Walks In & Around Sydney
By Jessica Best - 13 Dec 2017

Between pup-acinos, an infinite number of dog-friendly cafes and every Sydney-sider’s predisposition to make their pooch instafamous,… Read More +

Sydney’s Best Yoga Studios
By Sophia Richardson - 22 Nov 2017

It seems those it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time New Year’s resolutions just keep coming back to haunt us (yes, we’re… Read More +

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