Restaurants & Cafes

Funkis KöKET
Paddington, NSW

It’s no secret that we’re a fan of all things Swedish (IKEA,… Read More +

Sydney’s Best Seafood Platters
By Sophia Richardson - 11 Dec 2017

Sydney in the summertime involves sun, surf and seafood. We travel under the sea (well, not literally) to find the best seafood platters in… Read More +

Eat, Drink, Dance | Cargo The Verdict
By Phoebe McRae - 07 Dec 2017

Sometimes all you need is a good boogie to make your #firstworldproblems go away. Living in Sydney, there are literally hundreds and… Read More +

You Can Do Karaoke At This Epic Filipino Joint
By Jessica Best - 06 Dec 2017

From the outside, this Filipino joint looks like your average grocer but take a few steps inside this delicious smelling nook and… Read More +

10 Ways To Have A Boss Sunday For Under $50
By Alice Joyce - 06 Dec 2017

Let’s have a show of hands; who here has been caught doing the ol’ stealth side-eye FB scroll mid conversation, or a quick… Read More +

Cloud Thief
Sydney, NSW

Prepare your taste buds for some seriously delicious eats people because from the… Read More +

Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously
Surry Hills, NSW

Ever felt embarrassed about your super-specific coffee order, or had your barista… Read More +

Kid Kyoto
Sydney, NSW

Add Nirvana, Radiohead and Blur to your playlist, because there’s a brand new… Read More +

Barangaroo, NSW

We’re all about fun and food here at The Urban List. So, when chef Cory… Read More +

Good Fella Coffee
Bella Vista, NSW

The Baron boys have just opened a bagel café in Bella Vista and oooooh boy,… Read More +

Coffee In A Doughnut Exists And All Bets Are Off
By Claire Plush - 04 Dec 2017

If there are two things that’ll make us get out of bed on any given morning, it’s coffee and doughnuts.  So, we… Read More +

12 Of Sydney’s Best New Openings This December
By Jessica Best - 02 Dec 2017

Consider this our early Christmas present to you legends. No doubt 2017 is the year we all pledged to live our best lives (cue eating and… Read More +

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