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Trust is everything. You are EVERYTHING Slaw. Thank you so much for dealing with short turnarounds like a pro.

Laid back while getting the job done. That's good vibes and good business.

Working all weekend and still smiling.

Best on ground for Sydney's Christmas party - work hard, play hard, and Slaw all over Christmas.

Sarah is such a legend and deserves all of these votes!!

Always giving 110%

Long hours, working like cray BUT always smiling

Slaw does everything with a smile, even the most insane tasks.

She makes every day working alongside her a dream and I trust her implicitly.

There's been a lot of pressure on the design team this month and Sarah has been handling it with a smile. She's just simply amazing.

You give her timeframe and say 'if it's all too much, please we can go back and sort something else' and then she's all like,

'Nope, Imma smash it out for you like BOSS.'

She has been smashing out IG stories for me and I love her!

Always coming with those fresh, new, urban cool, trending tunes.

She is ALWAYS on point. There to help at a moments notice and delivers amazing work.

You make every day fun, and the Sydney office wouldn't be the same place without you.

You're just the best xxxx


some of this month's

Ultimate Legend Votes


Al is always bringing a positive attitude and great energy to our team!



Always shows up with the best attitude and gives her role 100%



Was awesome to see Alex lead a brainstorm today and get so much out of an hour, even though the crew was across 3 locations.

True thought leadership.



Strategy Queen, always, in all ways (even on frozen food and veg).



For casting his hawk eyes over the Xmas gift guides, thank you one million times over.


Brad Arnold

When I am challenged or overwhelmed he is always taking the time to talk me through

the reality of the situation and bring me back to a positive state.



Bloody hell, turning around the quality of work Cale did so quickly. Outstanding! KaPOW.



Thank you so much for taking on the trends video and making the most of it. So appreciated!



Chloe is on fire with sharing inspo with the content team rn. She is living and breathing our values!!!!



Working tirelessly for the new brand.



You work so hard!!!! Just want you to know that it is very much appreciated.



Smashing our Barangaroo PCR presentation. Happy client. Happy days.


David Boldo

Encourages the entire team to get involved and be a part of the change.


David Orrock

The big show brings his big rig and big energy every day.



Just over a month in and Deon is already setting the pace on change

and innovation within the business- bringing all dat knowledge to TUL!



She always pushes my thinking in a new direction, challenges me when needed and is ALWAYS there for you,

no matter her workload. So lucky to have her on my team.



Em always has my back and equally has helped me grow so much this year.

She has all the traits of an amazing manager, super caring, always reachable, great at communicating, is an expert

in what she does and fosters a great team culture. She's a true star.



Always available to help, always delivers and can always trust her to get the J.O.B done quickly and efficiently.

We love you Lizzy! Ps...don't go on holidays again. It is painful without you!




A month where the rest of her marketing mates have been neck deep in brand work, you can always trust Frankie

to be head down, getting her own shit done.



An all-round legend - bloody hard working, and kind at the same time (even when under pressure).



For absolutely killing her first few months, being all things to all people and just totally jumping on board the brand ID.



Efforts on rebrand!


Jess Prids

She just brings me a whole lot of joy and her mascara intel is next level.


Jess Best

For really owning the entertainment vertical and making sure she is all over everything cool, new and trending!


Jess Willemse

Jess is an absolute trooper, and no task is too hard or a pain.

She is dedicated till the end and works bloody hard to reach client objectives.



Absolute team player and sweetheart.



She was a lifesaver on the Port Philipp shoot! Love her and her work ethic. Total legend.



7:00 pm and working late on a response and not leaving until it's perfect. Legend.



Marilynn is relentlessly determined and that is what is amazing about her.

She has high standards of herself and others, making those around her always work to produce the best of the best.



Morgs has made running two sites look easy. She is basically superwoman and I want to be her when I grow up.



Such a brilliant representation of our brand - content-wise and commercially. Thanks for bringing your A game, M.



Bringing the best big briefs (Dan Murphys and Disney), the best team player vibes and the best hair transform this year!



Efforts on the rebrand have been insane!



On point questions that get us en route to answers.



Is the poster child for embracing the new rate card. Thank you for being so supportive.



For going to SO much effort to set up the Destination Canada meeting for success. Thank you, Sami!



Sammy is an absolute star! She works so hard and I don't think she gets enough credit!

She really strives to makes UL Sydney the best it can be.


Sarah Lynch

This girl always brings her A-game, is solutions-focused and boy can she seellll. Such a delight.



For an amazing TUL Training, super innovative response.


Sophie B

Such a valued member of our team.


Sophie H

For being an absolute ledge and writing amazing entertainment content, thank you thank you!



We're slammed with uploading, writing, scheduling, but Soddo stepped in to help us out. Legend.



Massive shout out to SG, our fearless leader! Can't imagine how hard it must be to let go

of what TUL used to be and totally jump on board with the new adventure of what UL is now becoming.

Very exciting times ahead!!!



She's always the first to jump on board with any new changes and gets everyone else excited for them.






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