2020 Commercial for lowdown


Another whirlwind week in the land of Commercial!

We started off slow but boy did we finish absolutely flying. I couldn't be prouder of the hustle, determination, and strength every single team member has shown this week.

19 Easter proactives were ideated, created and sent out into the virtual world.

Briefs finally started to roll in... a grand total of nearly 800k!

We received positive feedback for a solid amount of work we have been hustling for, proving that the work we are doing is making an impact and getting traction.

And we continue to work behind the scenes, making sure all current live campaigns are running smoothly and smashing expectations. Well done to our hero CSMs!

This week will see us out in full force, responding to and presenting 3 x large scale briefs for Dan Murphys, Milo and Nescafe- stay tuned for the juicy details.

Makers Mark will shoot tomorrow, I know we are all super keen to see Blairs acting skills and Brads sweet digs!

Keep hustlin fam.