Pilates & Co.


Ph: 0421 175 246

2017 Gold Coast Highway
Miami, 4220 QLD
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The Details

Specialises in
  • Pilates

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The Verdict

Offering a few different class options from beginner, intermediate and reformer to HIIT and Met Con (metabolic conditioning) this compact Miami studio will help you on your way to a toned bod and refreshed mind in no time. Precision is a huge focus at Pilates and Co. and because of this your workout ensures you stay incredibly mindful as you concentrate on aligning your posture, lifting your pelvic floor, keeping your spine in neutral, lengthening your limbs and the timing of your breath. Complicated much? The smiling staff are superb at talking you through each step with the goal being inner control, and complete coordination of body and mind. Located upstairs of Kira & Kira on the Gold Coast Highway, Pilates & Co.’s introductory offer of four sessions for $80 is one not to be missed. 

Image credit: Pilates & Co.