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How To Nail A Weekend Getaway In Singapore

While many of us have been to Singapore, not everyone has really experienced it. Sure, Changi Airport is (in our opinion) the best in…

7 Of The Best Islands To Discover In Singapore

Do you think that Singapore is all Michelin star restaurants, buzzing rooftop bars and world-class shopping? Well, you’d be right, but…

Things To Do
Quench Your Thirst At Singapore’s 9 Best Craft Breweries and Bars

In case you missed the memo, Singapore’s craft beer scene is absolutely thriving. From inner-city microbreweries to quirky new spots…

Live Large With 7 Of The Most Luxury Experiences In Singapore

Singapore is the place to live your most luxurious life. Synonymous with indulgence and opulence, here you’ll find everything from…

How To Win An Unforgettable F1 Experience In Singapore

Singapore is home to many things: an abundance of world-class culinary delights, idyllic beaches, thumping nightlife, as well as the Formula…

Things To Do
9 Of The Best Cycling Trails To Try In Singapore

If you’re looking to expand your horizons on two wheels, you’re in luck, because Singapore is packed with some jaw-droppingly…

Food & Drink
6 Bars And Restaurants To Try In Singapore, According To Brass Lion Distillery Founder Jamie Koh

Singapore—or as some locals call it the Little Red Dot—is a hub of world-class bar culture and dining. In fact, Singapore raked…

Things To Do
10 Inspiring Singapore Art Galleries And Activities To Explore

You’d be a fool to think Singapore’s cleanliness cancels out its creativity and artistic flair. Without a doubt, Singapore is an…

Food & Drink
10 Of The Very Best Brunches In Singapore To Tick Off In 2022

There’s brunch and then there’s BRUNCH, and when we’re talking about the latter, Singapore certainly serves up some…

9 Group Activities In Singapore To Try This Weekend

Getting together with mates in Singapore doesn’t have to be all about a meal and drinks—although they’re fun, too. At…

The Best Cheap Things To Do In Singapore

Thought Singapore was expensive? Think again! From museums and music to outdoor fun and feasting galore, there are plenty of wallet-friendly…

7 Epic Spots For Kayaking In Singapore

Attention adventure holiday types, did you know visits to Singapore aren’t always about food and fashion? This little island that…

Food & Drink
Singapore’s Best Desserts And Where To Find Them

Life is better when it’s sweeter—and luckily for us, Singapore has sweet treats galore for dessert lovers to indulge in. Whether…

Style & Design
15 Incredible Hotel Pools In Singapore To Dive Into In 2022

Once you’ve made your way out of the incredible Changi Airport the first thing you’ll notice about Singapore is the humidity.…

Things To Do
10 Water Sports To Add To Your Singapore Bucket List

Singapore sits just one and a half degrees north of the Equator, so it’s fair to say it’s steamy year round, with tropical…

Food & Drink
10 Singapore Hawker Markets For Budget-Friendly Eats

With over 100 hawker centres dotted across the island, eating at hawker centres is essential to the fabric of Singaporean life. Be it…

Things To Do
13 Of Singapore’s Best Spas And Wellness Spots To Try In 2022

At first glance, Singapore might appear to be all about the hustle and bustle, but all that go-go-go is balanced out with an extremely…

Where to stay
13 Of The Best Hotels In Singapore To Check Into In 2022

Singapore is a land of contrasts. From high-end, high-tech shopping malls and Michelin starred restaurants to the character-filled streets…

Food & Drink
9 Michelin Star Restaurants In Singapore For The Ultimate Traveller

Julien Royer is the head chef behind Odette, the elegant contemporary French fine dining restaurant located in the National Gallery. His…

Food & Drink
Singapore’s Best Restaurants Every Foodie Needs To Try

Singapore has long had a reputation as one of the world’s top foodie cities—and it’s not just down to those much-loved…

10 Adventurous Activities In Singapore To Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

If you thought Singapore was the perfect place to visit for quality shopping and eating, you’d be right. But it’s also a…

Things To Do
The Best Shopping In Singapore To Treat Yourself To

There are two things Singaporeans love doing more than anything else in the world: eating and shopping, and not necessarily in that order.…

Food & Drink
8 Of Singapore’s Best Rooftop Bars

Let’s take it from the top… Singapore is home to one of the world’s most iconic skylines—a captivating blend of…

Things To Do
The Coolest Singapore Neighbourhoods To Visit On Your 2022 Vacay

The title of this story could easily have been, “20 Hoods You Have to Check Out….”. Because Singapore really does have…

Food & Drink
Singapore’s Best Street Food For Delicious Cheap Eats

Singapore is known for a whole host of amazing things (the culture, the design, the epic experiences…), but the jewel in their crown…

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10 Of The Best Bars In Singapore For An Epic Cocktail

From char kway teow to chilli crab, everyone knows Singapore has drool-worthy food, but did you know about the bar scene? Despite being a…

Things To Do
10 Epic Hidden Gems In Singapore You Can’t Miss

From the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool and Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay to Haji Lane and the Raffles Hotel, there are plenty of…

Things To Do
5 ‘Hidden’ Singapore Neighbourhoods To Try

While you might be tempted to spend all of your time hanging around Marina Bay Sands and the city centre, Singapore is home to a bunch of…

Things To Do
9 Must-See Museums To Hit Up In Singapore

Singapore is a dynamic place, steeped in history and rich in art and culture. The best way to discover all of that and more, is at one of…

Things To Do
10 Of The Best After-Dark Activities To Try In Singapore

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that Singapore is the city that never sleeps. The vibrant metropolis is buzzing 24 hours a day, but…

48 Hours In Singapore

With its manicured roadside gardens, hefty price tags and lack of suspicious street smells, Singapore is more like the South East Asian…

Things To Do
Throw A Towel Down At These 9 Beautiful Singapore Beaches

Not just a destination for quality food and fashion, Singapore boasts an array of beaches that bring a bit of natural luxury to your…

Food & Drink
8 Of The Best Street Food Eats To Devour When Exploring Singapore

Singapore is known for a whole host of amazing things (the culture, the design, the epic experiences…), but the jewel in their crown…

Get Outdoors With 10 Of The Best Hikes To Hit Up Around Singapore

When you’re affronted with searing humidity the last thing on your mind might be heading outdoors, but when the outdoors promises…