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10 Inspiring Singapore Art Galleries And Activities To Explore

By Elise Cullen
7th Jun 2022

Singapore's ArtScience Museum.

You’d be a fool to think Singapore’s cleanliness cancels out its creativity and artistic flair. Without a doubt, Singapore is an eclectic, colourful hub brimming with not only a seemingly endless string of traditional and contemporary art galleries but kaleidoscopic, large-scale murals, public art and immersive art activities too.

If you consider yourself an art aficionado—or you’re simply art curious—Singapore guarantees an art hub, gallery or activity to satisfy even the most unique tastes. From the small boutique galleries to the nationally revered ones—and everything in between—here are 10 art activities you need to check out next time you’re in Singapore—just be sure to check what exhibitions and workshops are running before you head down.

Splat Paint House

Don’t just leave the masterpieces up to the artists, create your own unique, messy fun at Singapore’s only immersive splatter paint studio, Splat Paint House. Here, you can leave all your rules, worries and stress at the door because all you need is your imagination, creativity and sense of fun. In a nutshell, it’s playing with paints. Channel your inner child and let loose as you get splat-happy in the most kaleidoscopic paint room you’ll ever see. 

National Gallery Singapore

Dubbed the ‘art and soul’ of Singapore, the National Gallery Singapore is without a doubt an institution. In fact, in 2020, it was the only museum in Southeast Asia to land a spot in The Art Newspaper’s annual global survey of attendance at art museums, taking 20th place. Boasting the largest collection of Singapore and Southeast Asian modern art, the iconic building is in the centre of the Civic District and fosters an inclusive and incredibly inspiring mix of art mediums and exhibitions. 

ArtScience Museum

Undeniably a visual feast for young and old, Singapore’s iconic ArtScience Museum is bursting with wonder, seamlessly blending art with, well… science. An award-winning larger-than-life piece of art in itself, the lotus-inspired museum is home to 21 varying galleries and was designed by renowned architect Moshe Safdie. From VR galleries and interactive workshops to educational art spectacles, you can seriously dedicate a whole day to exploring this mesmerising cultural landmark. 

Singapore Art Museum

Dedicated wholly to contemporary art, Singapore Art Museum is an inspiring and vibrant melting pot of art, history and architecture. From large-scale sculptural works to thought-provoking and immersive exhibitions, Singapore Art Museum showcases an enticing mix of mediums and houses some of the region’s most talented artists. Dubbed an ‘incubator’ of innovations and the latest trends, it’s a must-visit for any art lover seeking inspiration. Plus, the museum has just opened a new art destination in Tanjong Pagar Distipark—we guarantee you’ll leave here buzzing with ideas and food for thought. 

Yavuz Gallery 

From surreal to experimental, established to emerging, Yavuz Gallery prides itself on its inviting mix of contemporary art from across the Asia Pacific region. Established in 2010 in the Gillman Barracks art cluster, the gallery serves up an impressive list of ever-changing, internationally-recognised exhibitions and positions itself as a key destination dedicated to showcasing a diverse range of artists. It’s so globally revered that it opened its second branch in Sydney, back in 2019—making it certainly one for your Singapore hit list. 

FOST Gallery

Showcasing progressive contemporary artists from around the world, FOST Gallery is a small but mighty art museum designed with award-winning artistic intent. Also located at Gillman Barracks, Singapore’s premier contemporary art precinct, FOST not only heroes thought-provoking contemporary art but it also plays host to an array of enriching and educational artist conversations, so be sure to check out the website before you visit. 

Motion Art Space

If motion art jamming is a term you haven’t heard before then Motion Art Space is the place to hit up on your travels. Here you can create mesmerising abstract art with pendulum and spin painting. Leveraging Newton's law of motion, you can create otherworldly masterpieces with just a swing. Spend an afternoon exploring your creativity with your mates or date, you might even surprise yourself with your artistic flair. 

Haji Lane

A trip to Singapore wouldn’t be complete without a stroll through the electric, vibrant and buzzing Haji Lane in Kampong Gelam. Cloaked in street art and sky-high murals, it’s Singapore’s original bohemian ‘hood bursting with colour and quirks. Make sure you dedicate a few solid hours at the very least to really lean into the vibrant art and culture of this bustling hot spot and be sure to bring your camera. 


Promoting literacy and championing diversity in photography arts, DECK is a distinctive, underground-style space made up of nine shipping containers housing contemporary, community-backed photography projects. Playing host to several annual local and international exhibitions, immerse yourself into the world of compelling and thought-provoking photography. 

Parkview Museum

A grandiose gallery occupying 1,500 square metres with up to six metres of ceiling height, Singapore’s Parkview Museum is a melting pot of traditional and contemporary art with impressive and internationally-revered works, including the largest Salvador Dali collection outside of Spain. From modern sculptural obscurity to imperial Chinese stone Buddhist carvings, Parkview serves up an array of both solo shows and thematic exhibitions that are certainly worth checking out.

Singapore is an enriching rabbit warren of eclectic art hubs, world-class galleries and immersive art activities that satisfy even the most unique tastes. Be sure to spend a day or two uncovering Singapore’s trove of creativity and stock up on—or create—unique keepsakes for your home. For more info, head to Singapore Tourism

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