9 Group Activities In Singapore To Try This Weekend

By Natasha Dragun

Three guys zip lining through the trees at Sentosa Singapore.

Getting together with mates in Singapore doesn’t have to be all about a meal and drinks—although they’re fun, too. At these eight next-level places you can bond, laugh till your sides hurt and even learn how to collaborate. It’s time to think outside the square for your next Singapore adventure.

Home to theme parks, water parks, leafy parks and parks with glowing man-made “supertrees”, Singapore doesn’t come short of places to find entertainment—day or night. Here, we look at some of the city-state’s more alternative hangouts, from bars that rewind to the 1980s to bowling alleys doused in neon and fitness classes that require you to bring the force.

Grab your crew and get to it! 

Turn Back Time

Miss the days of rah-rah skirts, permed hair, Madonna and Pac Man? Well, now you can channel your inner 80s god or goddess at Level Up, a shrine to all the things that made the 1980s so awesome. There are arcade machines aplenty, beer pong, foosball and pool tables, all accompanied by the sweet sound of all your favourite old school tracks. All you need to do is hunt down your leg warmers and a sick date.

Hit The Track 

There's something about a go-karting track that just brings out everyone's competitive streak—no matter who's behind the wheel, and Singapore's first electric go-kart track The Karting Arena is no different. Built on a lighter race chassis for better handling, this nine-turn track guarantees a smooth ride and packs an electrifying punch. Race your mates and let the belly laughs ensue. 

Just Try And Escape

What if you had just 60 minutes—and your wits—to get your team out of a sealed room? Could you work together to do it? There are plenty of escape room challenges across Singapore to test this theory, not in the least Xcape, the largest facility of its kind in the city-state. There are 52 chambers and 5 video game/movie themes to choose from, including Tomb Raider and Resident Evil—you’ll really feel like you’re inside the story, solving mysteries and answering clues to work your way out.

Bowling That’s Out Of This World

Reach for the stars—quite literally—when you gather your mates for a game or two of K Bowling. Ok, so it’s essentially regular tenpin bowling, but it’s held under neon lights, which just makes everything more fun. And there’s a bar, which also makes everything more fun. So choose your ball, and roll for a strike!

Unleash Your Inner Child 

Nothing screams nostalgia like Nerf wars with your mates. Spanning 18,362 square feet, Nerf Action Xperience is a thrilling, laugh-a-minute playhouse packed with challenges and themed activity zones like Zombie City and Camp Dune. Harmless yet adrenaline-pumping fun, you and your crew can take it out on each other, one pellet at a time.

Get Real, Virtually

There are a handful of places to explore the futuristic world of virtual reality around Singapore, but the Virtual Room stands out for the fact that all participants have their own space to don a headset. That doesn’t mean you won’t be working collaboratively, with group VR challenges ranging from travelling back in time to ancient Egypt to solve puzzles and save the world, to banding together to put the undead back to rest.

Tee Time At Holey Moley Golf Club

This is not your average place for putt putt—for starters, there’s plenty of booze involved, as well as crazy challenges and a soundtrack that will keep you moving. There are 27 weird and wacky holes themed across everything from TV blockbusters (think, Game of Thrones) and big-screen classics (E.T., The Wizard of Oz) as well as old-school arcade games, like Pac Man. Bring your stamina—you’ll need it.

Strike Back

Channel your inner Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader at a group Saber Fit class, where the only equipment you need is a—you guessed it—lightsaber. These high-octane sessions are seriously fun, but more than that they burn in excess of 600 calories and train 10 major muscle groups over the course of an hour and 1,000-plus sabre strikes. May the force be with you and your friends. 

Challenge Yourself And Your Crew

If you and your crew love a bit of a challenge and are ready to take things to the next level, then Mega Adventure Park is one for your hit list. Jam-packed with zip lines, jumps and trampolines, it's the perfect place to unleash your inner child. Expect hours of the highest adventure in Singapore with the Megazip, a 450-metre zipline over Sentosa's jungle, beach and sea, the Megaclimb, a three-level treetop obstacle course with a 15-metre jump, and the Megabounce, an 8-metre high bungy trampoline on Siloso Beach. 

Is your competitive side ready to come out? Whether you want to kick it old school with a retro game of putt putt or step into an alternate reality, Singapore is jam-packed with out of the box group activities—here, the possibilities are endless. Head to Singapore Tourism for more info. 

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