Zero Latency


34 Smith Street
Southport, QLD 4222
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The Details

zero latency southport gold coast

The Verdict

Already a HUGE success in Melbourne and Brisbane, Zero Latency is a state-of-the-art VR experience set in a 200sqm warehouse-sized area in Southport. Zero Latency allows up to eight players to roam freely throughout the space and completely immerse themselves in virtual reality. Fight for survival amidst a zombie apocalypse, bound through outer space where you can rescue a space station, or walk through a fantastical dreamlike universe with a pack of your most loyal pals.

Perfect for gamers, adrenalin junkies, and anyone afraid of catching a paintball in the neck, free-roam VR is tipped to become the next big thing and perfect if you're looking to take your Laser Force obsession to the next level. 

Image credit: Urban List