El Qahirah


Ph: 0434 869 354

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The Details

Red Wall 1939

The Verdict

Sydney’s first ever Egyptian food truck has finally arrived and these guys are serving up Cairo’s three most traditional—and delicious—dishes. All three are vegetarian and jam packed with flavour as you’d expect, plus they’ve got a whole lot of superfoods in them to boot—yes we’re serious. This one is the Taameva, served in a traditional balady flatbread pouch, with tomato, cucumbers, pickles, radish and tahini, these super food patties are like falafels but better. We’ve also got our eye on the Koshary, lentils, macaroni and rice topped with Middle Eastern spiced tomato sauce and may or may not be drooling at the thought of it.

Check out their Facebook page to see where these guys will be popping up next.