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The verdict

From one (lactose intolerant) ice-cream lover to another, you’ll be over the moon to hear that Over the Moo have taken to Sydney’s roads (see what we did there?), bringing their vegan gelato goods with them. As Sydney’s first ever dairy-free ice-cream truck, Over the Moo was founded by Alexander Houseman, who felt that there was a severe lack of tasty dairy free alternatives in our fair city—and we couldn’t have agreed more..

With a choice of nine delicious flavours, you’ll find everything from signature vanilla bean ice-cream to a decadent ‘I fell for caramel’ ice-cream. Their ride is almost as pimped as their scoops—serving up the ultimate treats like brownie bits, cookie chips and gooey caramel sauce, all served through the colourful window of their retro-revival style van.

The secret behind the spot on I-can’t-believe-there’s-no-dairy-in-this flavour is the replacement of regular milk with the most creamy coconuts, creating an authentic gelato texture that packs loads of flavour. Keep your eyes (and taste buds) at the ready, because no matter where they pop up next, you’ll want to be there.

Image credit: Over the Moo