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Slurp Your Way Through The Gold Coast’s Best Bubble Tea

By Kian Lavender

four bubble tea lined up on a shelf

Thirsty? Then you’re in luck, because we’ve got the scoop on the best bubble tea cafes the Gold Coast has to offer. The irresistible combination of rich, tasty milk and bouncy, chewy tapioca pearls is one we simply can’t put down.

So grab yourself a straw and get ready to slurp through this sugar-loaded list of the 11 best bubble tea stores on the Gold Coast.

Cha Time 

Broadbeach, Biggera Waters & Coomera

Cha Time is the place to be when it comes to smooth, rich bubble tea that really quenches that endless thirst. Picky drinker? Look no further, because this popular boba chain is the king when it comes to options. From fresh hot milky tea to iced sparkling tea, Cha Time makes it known that they’re not afraid to explore every nook and cranny of options. 

Our personal favourite? The Premium Pearl Milky Iced Tea. So smooth and satisfying, with those soft, springy pearls added to the mix. You can’t find better bubble tea on the Gold Coast. 

Mandy’s Bubble Tea


Adding another classic to our top picks of the Gold Coast’s Best Bubble Tea—Mandy’s Bubble Tea. If you find yourself wandering the bustling streets of Southport often, you’ll have heard of this one and if you haven’t, grab your straw, because these guys are seriously something else. 

From the oh-so-popular Brown Sugar Milk Tea to the classic Original Milk Tea, they’ve got something for everyone, we guarantee it. Mandy’s Bubble Tea is definitely one of our favourite bubble tea spots on the Gold Coast.

You & M Tea Shop


If you’re looking for a place to unwind after a long day, You & M is the place for you—think marshmallow-soft couches, vibey background music and a refreshing iced tea of your choice. So with this in mind, it’s no understatement for us to say You & M have got the scoop when it comes to leaving customers coming back again, and again (we’re guilty). 

But thirst-quenching bubble tea isn’t all they’ve got up their sleeve. You & M have got a menu of creamy Greek yoghurt guaranteed to have you (& Me) drooling. This pocket-sized bubble tea café is definitely one worth popping your head into if you’re ever in the area.

Gong Cha


Gong Cha is the place to be if you’re trying to spoil yourself with some sugary, chewy goodness and it seems everyone else agrees. Gong Cha is the fastest-growing tea brand in Asia—one sip of anything they have to offer, and you’ll understand. 

To inspire and to create is their motto, and they don’t try to hide it. Gong Cha is the one-size-fits-all of bubble tea, with options such as Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Pearls (our personal favourite). Picture this—fresh, premium milk with soft, chewy brown sugar pearls with streaks of rich caramel. Drooling yet? And if you’re far, far away from Helensvale, drink assured. There’s many more Gong Cha stores all over the Gold Coast. Find yours here.

Machi Machi


It’s time to celebrate—Taiwan’s favourite milk tea brand has finally made it onto the Gold Coast. This well-loved bubble tea store is one you just can’t go past. Machi Machi is the fashion girl of milk tea, with its classic minimalistic style. With simple-but-perfect cement interior walls, a hand-painted art style and a modest wooden bar, Machi Machi is a store that knows its style. 

Machi Machi translates into “much much”, and they’ve adopted this into their adorable motto, “I love you so machi”. But the design and brand aren’t all they’ve studied up on—they’ve got the tea-making skills to match. Machi Machi has unique drinks you won’t find anywhere else. From a curious fusion of Oolong Milk Tea and Coffee Jelly to a refreshing serving of Mango Smoothie with Panna Cotta—you name it, they’ve got it. From looks to personality, Machi Machi has got it all. 

The Moo

Broadbeach & Southport

Still on the lookout for a place to drink some high-quality bubble tea? Look no further. The Moo is a place that prides itself on the health aspect of bubble tea, at absolutely no loss to flavour or variety. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed stepping into this adorable cow-themed cafe—they only use the best ingredients available for their customers. 

But their creamy delights aren’t restricted to just bubble tea. Creamy yoghurt smoothies, creme cheese fruit tea, and revitalising Yakult yoghurt tea—The Moo caters to everyone’s taste buds, even the picky drinker. Our team favourite? The Blue Velvet Popping Boba Yogurt. Rich, velvety and healthy. Near impossible to top such a sweet drink, especially when it’s guilt-free. 



bubble tea in southport

Picture this—sleek brown furniture, soothing music and (best of all) the breathtaking nature-themed decor, placed behind Insta-worthy neon lights. With no shortage of seating, it’s no stretch to say HeereTea is well-prepared for lots of company. 

But there’s more than just a beautiful cover to this homey restaurant. While they’re known for their jaw-dropping range of quality bubble teas, they’re filled to the straw with all sorts of refreshments. From your coffees to your teas to plenty of snacks, we assure you there’s something in here for everyone. Get started with HeereTea’s fan favourite, the Brulee Oreo Milk Tea, and leave feeling warm and fuzzy after snacking on their oh-so-crispy lotus chips. Definitely one of our top choices when it comes to nabbing a bite and bubble tea when it comes to the Gold Coast.



From the humble beginnings of Tamsui to the bustling streets of New York, this unforgettable gem of a cafe has made its new home in Southport. And the good news is, CoCo looks like it’s here to stay. This homey bubble and fruit tea store is one that pulls out all the stops when it comes to options—Yakult tea, milk tea, slushies and so much more. 

CoCo isn’t afraid to boast about it, either. Their website features an almost dizzying amount of options, guaranteed to have you scratching your chin. But lucky for you, we’ve got the scoop on the must-try drinks. Here, take a sip of the 3 Guys Milk Tea, featuring the classic sweet pearls, smooth grass jelly, and melt-in-your-mouth pudding all in a rich serving of their signature CoCo Milk Tea. Not a fan? No worries. Try the Lava Pearl Jasmine Milk Tea. And yes, it really does taste as good as it sounds. CoCo is a bubble tea store you just can’t miss out on. 

SevenTea Two 

Surfers Paradise

The Gold Coast is no stranger to lovely bubble tea stores, but SevenTea Two in Surfers Paradise has managed to shine brightly among the others. Specialising in Taiwanese fruit and milk teas, this store is packed with authentic flavours that are guaranteed to bring a smile of delight to your face. Choose from a unique serving of SevenTea Two’s Japanese Sakura Green Tea, fresh Hawaiian Iced Tea and so much more.

Speaking of more, SevenTea Two’s ticket to fame is their sweet dairy delight—gelato. From Cookie Monster to Salted Caramel, SevenTea Two is a bubble tea store that has everyone in mind. 

Dear Deer Milk Tea

Varsity Lakes

Who doesn’t love some flavour-rich milk tea? Dear Deer Milk Tea is a bubble tea store packed with surprises, and we’re here to make sure you know about all of them. Apart from your usual assortment of wondrous tea flavours like the oh-so-revitalising Passionfruit Green Tea, this store lets you design your own fruity tea. Pick a tea base, a couple of flavours (up to two), some toppings, and your preferred ice and sugar level, and you’ve got yourself a custom-made fruity tea. 

Just in case you’re not fully convinced yet, the surprises don’t stop there—they’ve got a drool-worthy assortment of mochi snacks. From Mango Mousse Mochi to Vanilla Cream Mochi, these tasty Japanese desserts are a delight for those who love a cold finisher with their drink. Dear Deer Milk Tea is a place you do not want to miss out on. We promise. 


Broadbeach, Helensvale, & Surfers Paradise

If you’re after a bubble tea store that has you leaving happier than when you came in, ShareTea is the establishment for you. ShareTea prides itself on the customer experience—they believe customers deserve only the best quality and service in all their establishments. 

Struggling to decide? Take a sip of ShareTea’s bestseller, the famous Brown Sugar Tiger Tea. The beautifully brown tiger stripes come from the caramel brown sugar syrup lining the inside. Pair that with some deliciously chewy pearls, and you’ve got yourself a drink you’ll never forget. Not a fan? Not a problem—they’ve got options guaranteed to have you scratching your chin from indecision. ShareTea has definitely taken the throne for one of the best bubble tea stores on the Gold Coast.

Prefer to stay at home, but want in? We’ve got you covered. Check out Bubble Tea Club’s DIY Home Kit here.

Image Credit: Coco Bubble Tea & HeereTea

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