Where To Find The Gold Coast’s Coolest Gift Delivery Services

By Hannah Freriechs
17th Aug 2022

Somewhere between the Gold Coast heat and our aversion to doing things which can actually be done by others, Gold Coasters enjoy having all matter of things delivered. Gift deliveries are appropriate for the following occasions: anniversaries, apologies, getting busted skipping ahead on Netflix seasons you promised to watch together, eating the last of the icecream, snoring too loudly...need we go on?

Luckily for us, there are a range of local gift delivery businesses that will deliver right to your door, perfect for every occasion. From flowers to cookies, beers to beauty boxes, here are the Gold Coast’s coolest delivery services.

Sugar Gathered

Sugar Gathered specialise in all things doughnut—which should put this Gold Coast-based delivery service to the top of your list. Think: adorable themed boxes like the bloke box with beers and doughnuts (name a better combo?), doughnut bouquets and even doughnut cakes that are almost too pretty to eat. No matter how bad you’ve been, no one can stay mad at you for long if they receive a Sugar Gathered delivery.  

The Botanica Box

Showcasing a range of quality Australian products with a unique focus on botanical inspired goods, a Botanica Box is sure to put a smile on any recipient’s face. Our Favourite? Try the Base Edition 03 which brings together a potted plant from local nursery, The Borrowed Nursery, a candle by beloved scent creators Posie, 50ml Dry Gin from Brookies Gin, 180ml bottle of light Tonic Water by Strangelove, a brass bottle opener and a cute gift card for $99. 


The problem: it’s your anniversary, your lover’s birthday, your brother’s graduation, or you’ve just been kind of a jerk lately and want to do something nice for the dude (or gal) in your life. Enter Brewquets, the Gold Coast beer gift delivery service that has officially changed our lives for the better. For just $35 plus delivery, these guys will ship three craft beers wrapped in tissue and a hessian tote and adorned with a card for a cute message. Looks like a bunch of flowers but it’s really some awesome beers. Genius. You can also swap them for ciders or upgrade to a “long stem” bouquet. 

Good Day People

Ever tried to send a gift basket but been totally disappointed by the ho-hum products included? Enter Good Day People. Impress the foodies in your life with a gift box stacked with Poor Toms gin, Nikka whiskey, Olsson's sea salt, Yulli's brews craft beer, natural wine, boutique bottled cocktails, and cool artisan chocolate. If we at Urban List were curating a gift box for our foodie friends, it'd look a whole lot like this. 


Ever wanted to send someone a gift—not a pricey bottle of bubbles or an extravagant bouquet, just something small to show you care? Shouta is the brand new Aussie app that’s helping you do just that. Shouting your mates, colleagues, and loved ones—whenever, wherever, with whatever you want. As for how Shouta works—it’s as simple as it sounds. Within the app, you are free to pick and choose from various shouts between $5 and $250. Anything your special person will love, use, drink, eat, or enjoy. Think movie tickets, flowers, lunch, chocolates, or even a pick-me-up manicure. Your shout is totally customisable too—you could send a box of Panadol after a big night, or a box of doughnuts to help a mate sail through 3pm on a sugar high. Download the app here

Say It With Succulents

If you, like us, have well and truly caught the indoor plant bug, then look no further than Say It With Succulents. The Gold Coast business does a range of seriously chic potted arrangements for every price range. The best thing about them is they aren’t much work to look after, so it really is the gift that keeps on giving.  

Dough House

So…many…cookies! Life’s too short for those White Wings do-it-yourself baking boxes. This is where Dough House comes to the rescue with the most amazing range of cookies/actual works of art. Flavours include Nuts about Nutella, MacaDAMMia, Creamy Caramel, Oh Oh Oreo and so many more delivered right to your house or even better, workplace! There’s vegan and gluten free options too, so no one misses out. 

Granddad Jack's

The Miami-based distillery has certainly secured its spot as one of the Gold Coast’s best distilleries, winning multiple awards for its spirits, including the World's Best Coffee Liqueur (yes, it tastes as good as it sounds). They say whisky is a good cure for many ailments and we’re certainly no doctors, but we think it might help put a smile on anyone's face. Granddad Jack's Gift Crates have all sorts of awesome options, from budget-friendly picks to swankier gifts, so make sure to check them out here.

Doughnut World

Heads up, there is a company on the Gold Coast that specialises in doughnut bouquets. No, we did not stutter, we said doughnut bouquets. Presented as if they were a bunch of blooms, expect delicious, freshly made doughnuts delivered right to your door. Doughnut World do a mean doughnut box complete with Nutella-loaded syringes, or check out their Flower Bouquet, complete with buttercream doughnuts, macarons and red velvet Oreos. 

Sorry Thanks I Love You

Says it all, doesn’t it? Whether you’re apologising for eating the leftover lasagna from last night or expressing love through the medium of buying expensive stuff, Sorry Thanks I Love You has you covered. You can get everything delivered through this thing. A selection of Bruny Island cheeses? Done. Blended Japanese Whisky? Sure thing. Gorgeous homewares, bespoke flower bouquets, craft beer—the sky’s the limit. The site helpfully arranges their gifts into different categories, depending on the power of your love, or the size of your f**k up. Nice one.


The guys that took the stuffiness out of wine, Vinomofo is one of the fastest-growing companies in Australia (they’ve actually just expanded into Singapore). Their ethos is pretty simple: delicious wine, zero wank, and cheap deliveries from some of Australia’s best vineyards to your mouth. There’s a range of prices and varieties, but the guys at ‘the ‘Fo’ only sell the wines they love, so you know you’re getting a curated selection.


Beauty sample boxes are all the rage at the moment, and Bellabox is probably the best of the bunch. You can sign up your partner, even yourself for a monthly pamper pack that includes five or so beauty samples from various on-trend brands. If you like what you try, you can shop Bellabox’s online store and buy the real deal. You can tailor a plan to suit your giftee, and they’ll deliver the box wherever you want. It’ll set you back just $19.95 a month, which is a steal when you consider the number of brownie points on offer.

Whisky or Gin Loot

Got a whisky or gin lover to buy for? Get them a Whisky Loot or Gin Loot subscription. Every month for three, six or twelve months, depending how much you love and appreciate them (bonus, you get a discount on gifts), your recipient will receive three tasting bottles of premium whiskey or gin, tasting notes and a journal to take notes. Don't worry that they'll be getting bog standard brands either, these are all boutique, small batch and even rare distillers—you might wind up trying to wrangle an invite to sample them. 

Looking for more gift ideas? Check out our round up of the best flower delivery services on the Gold Coast.

Image Credit: Granddad Jack's

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