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Why The Double-Layer Taco Is The Latest Trend For Home Cooks

By Morgan Reardon
19th Oct 2022

If you, like us, consider yourself a bit of a taco connoisseur then you’ll be familiar with the age-old debate of the hard taco versus the soft taco. And while Old El Paso has asked us for years 'por que no los dos?', we’ve finally found a way to get the best of both worlds, in one single, game-changing bite. Enter, the double-layer taco—the latest at-home cooking trend for your next night in. 

So, how exactly does this textural wonder work? After spreading refried beans, cheese or gauc onto a warm flour tortilla, simply place a hard taco shell in the centre and gently fold the sides of the soft taco up to match the sides of the hard shell. Tip: use the palms of your hands to gently press the soft flour tortilla to the sides of the hard taco shell and hold for a couple of seconds to secure. Then, simply fill it with your favourite spicy protein like a bean mix, beef or chicken.

In simple terms, the soft shell hugs the hard shell resulting in double-layer taco perfection. Each morsel is filled with texture and flavours that'll send your tastebuds into overdrive. 

One of the best things about the double-layer taco—aside from how amazing it tastes—is that they’re pretty much mess-free, with the soft shell layer catching any loose crunches of the hard taco. Simple to make, mess-free and freaking delicious—yep, your next night in is sorted. 

Forget dining out or expensive takeaway, have a Mexican-inspired fiesta at home with a plate of double-layer tacos tonight. Simply grab an Old El Paso Hard n’ Soft Taco Kit and let the tasty times roll. Read on to find the full recipe below.

Old El Paso Double-Layer Taco Recipe


Old El Paso Hard n Soft Taco Kit

1 can Old El Paso refried beans

1 finely chopped small onion

500g lean beef mince

Lettuce shredded

1 punnet cherry tomatoes

1/2 cup freshly chopped coriander

1 cup grated cheddar cheese


1. Heat oil in a pan, cook onion until soft.

2. Add mince and stir with a wooden spoon to break up meat until browned. 

3. Add Taco Seasoning and half cherry tomatoes, and simmer for two minutes or until sauce thickens.

4. Add half Taco Sauce to the filling and save the rest for topping later.

5. Heat Taco shells in oven for a few minutes.

6. Warm tortillas by spreading a thin layer of refried beans on top and warm in microwave for ten seconds.

7. Combine cherry tomatoes and coriander in a small bowl. 

8. Fill Taco shells with mince, lettuce, cherry tomato and cucumber mixture.

9. Wrap hard shell with soft tortilla, top with cheese.

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