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This Season’s Wackiest Beauty Trends

By Desta Cullen
16th Mar 2016

Whether you slavishly follow trends or not, you’ll know that beauty trends come and go pretty regularly.

And, much like fashion, there are plenty of beauty looks that never step off the runway and find their way to the routines of everyday peeps.

Which is totally understandable when you think back to some of the recent offerings from celebs, their make-up artists and the beauty industry at large. Some things are just not meant for popular consumption.

Top marks all ‘round for creativity but here are this season’s wackiest beauty trends so far.

Glitter roots

A cute solution to cover regrowth, glitter roots are completely impractical for everyday, unless you happen to be a Sailor Moon impersonator. In which case, we’re jealous.

Furry nails

Valedictorian of the wacky beauty class of ‘16 goes to: the furry nail trend. This is the epitome of a beauty trend that CANNOT make the transition to real world without a.) making you look completely ridic; b.) getting in the way of you living a productive life. Can you imagine the shit that would get caught in those things!? Ewww!

Icicle Hair

Shiny metallic embellishments have staged a coup on 2016—icicle hair is just a lieutenant in the glitter brigade with a bit more subtlety and less permanence. Usually these are clip on extensions, so as far as crazy goes, they’re fairly low on the scale.

DIY Freckles

Yay! Finally the rest of the world has caught up with how cool freckles are. Where were you when I was 15 and doing lemon masks to try and fade mine? This trend sees those of the porcelain, alabaster, and un-spotted skin creating freckles with eyeliner. Apply haphazardly and then blot gently with your finger to get an “I was born like this” realism.

Glitter lips

Are you a circus performer? Perhaps you’re a Kesha groupie? Or maybe a My Little Pony? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then congrats, glitter lips fit seamlessly into your life. If not, then you are going to have to think long and hard about the logistics of plastering sparkles to your smackers every day. Good luck!


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