7 Of The Best Things To Do On The Gold Coast For Animal Lovers

By Alex Topakas
10th Oct 2017

In a world without pets, seriously, where would we be? Need a bit of exercise? Take your dog for a walk. Feeling sad? Google search cute kittens. Having a bad day? Head to the dog beach (and Google search cute kittens).

Because we are just so lucky to live on the Gold Coast, there’s an abundance of activities for animal lovers around every corner. And you don’t have to be a crazy cat lady to take part in them either. We’ve put together eight of the best animal-obsessed activities for you and your furry best friend. Or just you, should there be no furry friend in your life (yet). Clear your diaries, and thank us later! 

Currumbin Creek Dog Beach

Palm Beach

Let’s face it, dogs swimming, chasing, sniffin’ butts and fetching sticks is chaotic, yes, but darn cute if you ask us. The perfect past-time for any day off, enjoy the sun with your pooch and your morning coffee from the Dune Cafe. Oh, and, hot tip: if you’re looking for love, dogs are known to be a great chick/dude magnet. Swoon! 

Dog Yoga


Doga = dogs and yoga. Name a better duo? Combining a dog walk by the beach, doggie meditation, dog tricks and obedience with stretching, you’re sure to have a whole lot of laughs with your pooch. And most importantly, proceeds go to animal charities around the Coast. Best. Yoga Class. Ever. 

Mountview Alpaca Farm


Alpacas are really just fluffy ponies, and if you’re a horse lover, you’re going to love this! Mountview Alpaca Farm are your go-to for all things petting, feeding and getting cute pics with alpacas. They even all have names (don’t get us started)! Perfect for a day out with the fam, or if you just really like alpacas. 

Crazy Cat Cafe 

Surfers Paradise

Crazy cat ladies unite, because Surfers Paradise has its very own cat cafe! Dedicated to those sassy little fluff balls that most of us love, the Crazy Cat Cafe’s mission is to ensure all cats on premises go to good owners. Have a coffee, maybe even take home a cat? Sounds ideal.

Pups On Sups 

Currumbin Creek

Stand up paddling is for the brave, yes, but with your pup by your side? Wash all your fears away! Saturday 28 October sees trend-to-be Pups on Sups, a two-kilometre loop course to spend with your best friend, with all proceeds going towards The Animal Welfare League. 

Go Sea Kayak

Byron Bay

Dolphins, whales, turtles… you name it, Go Sea Kayak will find it. Taking tours through the beautiful marine playground of Byron Bay, Go Sea Kayak is the perfect way to spend a sunny day down south. Check the weather forecasts and book in; we’re sure you’ll have a cracking day.

Pawsh Pet Spa

Mermaid Beach

Organic, natural, and strictly cage free, Pawsh Pet Spa on the Gold Coast is the perfect way to pamper your pooch. From dog grooming to spa packages, you’ll really win your pet over by the end of the day. 

Looking for more adventures with your four-legged friend? We've rounded up all the Coast's dog-friendly beaches into one handy little guide. 

Image credit: Andrew Pons

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