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A Multi-Sensory Immersive Experience Is Happening In Burleigh This Weekend

By Isabel Croker
21st May 2021

a DJ at an art gallery

A multi-sensory, immersive experience of art and music. Intrigued? So are we. This is Art is kicking off their latest collaborative event, Arcana, this Saturday night and it’s described as ‘art with a soundtrack’ so you know it’s going to be pretty funky.

In collaboration with friends and co-creatives, Mint Art House, Arcana is set to be a sensory showcase of local artists and musicians. This Is Art is a newly founded events company that is all about providing unique spaces and experiences for creatives that embrace all senses and celebrating the Gold Coast’s thriving arts culture. They’re seriously speaking our language. 

Following their debut sold-out event in November, This Is Art is excited to introduce their latest venture, Arcana, with a few new tricks up their sleeves. Their co-creators, Mint Art House, have certainly made a name for themselves in the Gold Coast art scene, with their vibrant energy, fresh creativity and their reputation for having an indubitably good time while creating show-stopping art.

And how exactly was the idea for Arcana born, we hear you ask? Founder of This Is Art, Gus Irwin says it was born from a dusty conversation deep in the Nevada Desert and through hard work and passion, it has blossomed into a Burleigh Heads reality. 

“Based on a love of experiences and combining those elements; sight, sound and feel, into a sensory showcase was formed….and with that, Arcana was born,” says Irwin.

Featuring talented local artists such as Owlet and Nat Popovski, all of the creatives will draw from the Arcana Major tarot card deck and then paint a live piece of their interpretation of the card. We’re not too sure what that means (isn’t all art interpretive?) but we know it’s going to look damn cool. If This is Art’s previous events are anything to go by, the immersive experience will be completely unique and tailored to suit the aesthetics of the artists.

Wander around and be wowed by the range of artwork from twelve talented local artists, while grooving to the tunes of the GC’s hottest DJ’s—including much-loved Shimmy Disco and Latour—and snacking on the finger-lickingly good eats from a range of food trucks. Snag a tipple (or a few)  from the well-stocked bar, which will be slinging up our favourite Hard FIZZ Seltzer, and the evening has all the makings for a gloriously good time. 

We’re not sure what to expect—we’ve been told there will be a focus on the impact of sound and light—so prepare for the unexpected. Grab your tickets and round up your squad ‘cause Arcana is one funky experience that will inspire, awe and amaze you.


What: Arcana by This Is Art
When: Saturday 22 May, 4pm to 11pm
Where: 55 West Burleigh Road, Burleigh Heads
For more information,
click here.

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Image credit: Mitch Lowe

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