Magnum Pi


Melbourne, 3000 VIC
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The Details

Need to Know
  • Ghost Kitchen

Two just-baked moussaka pies just out of the oven, placed on a wooden board.

The Verdict

No, Tom Selleck is not making these pastry-encrusted beauties, but the chef behind Magnum Pi, Jason Kubasek, would undoubtedly do a better job when you consider his cheffing credentials—Pillar of Salt, Good Times Milk Bar and High Society to name a few.

While Magnum Pi is a new venture for Kubasek, the Melbourne-based chef has been perfecting his craft of the humble pie throughout his career, while lockdown (and Instagram) has provided a platform to get the goods to the masses.

You’ll find the classics on the menu, though they’re executed with a flair you wouldn’t find in your run-of-the-mill bakery. Just take Magnum Pi’s version of the OG beef pie, which is filled generously with slow-braised, pulled Angus beef, vegetables along with a rich merlot gravy. 

Should you be feeling more adventurous with your selection, there’s also a tan tan ramen pie and a spaghetti and meatballs number made with premium pork and veal alongside a barbecue sugo sauce.

The vegetarians and vegans are also taken care of with house-made vegan pastry and fillings that made with the likes of cauliflower, lentil and pumpkin.

And yes, wherever there are pies, there are also sausage rolls, and in this case there are vegetarian counterparts, too. To complete the experience, Magnum Pi also do their own tomato jam and hot sauce which should not be skipped out on both because they’re delicious, and, because a pie should never be consumed without sauce.

As with many a business coming out of lockdown, Magnum Pi is operating as a ghost kitchen. Order your pies for delivery here.

Image credit: Magnum Pi