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1073 High St
Armadale, 3143 VIC
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The Australian-made, tailored silhouettes of Manning Cartell have a glorious new postcode to call home. They've sashayed their way onto the ritzy strip of High Street, Armadale. 

A monochromatic facade fits with the overall aesthetic. Everything is so impeccably dove-white and incredibly charming. It’s like you’ve just stepped into the heritage Victorian apartment of any die-hard Melburnian’s dreams. The multi-tiered clothing arena has exquisite frocks running 'round the outside, mixed in with daring power pants and metallic boots. You'll probably do a few laps of the space, but you can rest your shopping legs on the classy chaise lounge. 

Everything about these new digs pays homage to Manning Cartell's effortless and understated vibes. It’s the kind of place that makes you want to do a complete, simultaneous overhaul of your sartorial inventory and interior styling. The stuff Pinterest boards are made of.

And then you go upstairs. YES. If you remember in the Sex And The City movie (first one, because the second is a firm no) when Carrie and Big tour that impossibly beautiful New York penthouse, it heavily channels that vibe. Faux fireplaces splice racks stuffed with new-season attire, and yet ANOTHER lounging station makes the whole space feel very cosy. 

A total shopaholic’s haven, Manning Cartell’s new quarters have made us fall in love with the experience of real-life shopping again. No more mid-checkout laptop malfunctions. Instead, ALL of the textured slip dress caressing.

Image credit: Jenna Fahey-White