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A stunning dried flower arrangement in front of a multicoloured background.

The Verdict

Sometimes, the simple act of gifting others—or yourself—a bouquet of flowers is all that’s needed to brighten one’s day. There is a little more to it than just bunching a couple of flowers together, however, and that’s where Prairies comes in.

The humble Northcote florist specialises in dried flowers, arrangements and bouquets. Prairies has only been open since June 2020, though French-born florist Nathalie Kagan brings years of experience to the craft through working with European and Australian flora. 

What’s on offer at Prairies ranges from casual bouquets ready for your vase of choice, right across to more elaborate arrangements with vintage-y vessels sourced by Kagan, then individually paired with matching flora.

You’ll find a mix of native and imported flowers which are then assembled in Kagan’s Melbourne studio. Almost everything available from Prairies is either dried or preserved; it’s a trending process in floristry that not only offers a wonderfully earthy aesthetic, but it also means your arrangements will last much longer than usual.

Prairies also offer their flora as accessories. Bring back some old-world charm with a bespoke buttonhole or see how you can fit a corsage into your fit. 

Along with operating as a retail florist for the every day, Prairies also cater to formal and corporate events.

Prairies is offering same-day local delivery on most products from their online store for orders placed before 10am.

Image credit: Prairies