Our Team

Founder & Director

Susannah leads, inspires, and motivates the growing Urban List team, with the aim of working together to celebrate the best of the best in small business.

Daughter of a third-generation serial entrepreneur, Susannah’s passion for small business and innovation began at a very young age. She has worked all over – from Paris to LA – and came back to Australia to nurture her vision and bring The Urban List to life.

A coffee addict and foodie with the best connections, Susannah knows the ins and outs of Brisbane like no one else.

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Group Content Director

Kim is a long-time lover of all things content-related and is a voracious consumer of all its forms. Whether it’s analysing the words on the Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne editions of The Urban List, settling in with a good book, or over-using the humble comma, the English language is always on her mind (which is handy, because that's what she’s paid for). 

She calls herself a foodie (but really just eats a lot) and loves nothing more than tucking into something delicious at a great restaurant, preferably with a drink in hand. She has three little boys at home, so can often be found mainlining coffee and picking porridge out of her hair in the morning, like a boss.

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Group Content Manager

Sophia has a journalism background, specialising in writing and editing, and a long standing toast addiction that serves her well in her current position. As a dedicated punter of all the good things in Brisbane, she's keen to share the city's best eating, shopping, preening, and drinking with you (and if she's missed one of our favourites, wants you to drop her a line!).

Sophia is passionate about coffee, Oprah, good books, and Beyonce, and is never happier than when she has a stack of magazines to read and a hot cup of Joe by her side. She can often be found defending the serial comma to her colleagues, because she's cool like that.

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Group Marketing Manager

Cheese lover, Silicon Valley wannabe, and Google Analytics geek, Jess is a digital marketing expert with a background in online media and digital publishing. An avid believer in the power of content marketing, Jess’s passion for supporting small business is surpassed only by her love of eating out in Melbourne! 

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Marketing Manager

Phil has worked in marketing for over  years, with experience in the fashion and food industries. He's passionate about supporting small businesses and working with The Urban List team to reach more Brisbanites.  Phil’s other passions include keeping fit, a good whisky sour, well-cut Hawaiian shirts and a round of 18 on the weekends. You’ll be hard pressed to find a man with more pairs of socks who isn’t afraid to show them off to the world. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Phil is currently progressing through his Beertathlon: 365 Beers - a different one every day of the year. 

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Content Manager

Jess has worked in content marketing and publishing industries in the UK and Australia for over 6 years. Originally hailing from ‘sunny’ London town, and the token Brit at The Urban List, Jessica’s obsession for glossy fashion magazines, chocolate and red wine knows no bounds. When she’s not creating content, Jessica spends her spare time reading books (that she never finishes), watching foreign films at the movies, and lusting after things she can’t afford on James Street.

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Senior Graphic Designer

Gabrielle has worked in the design world for three years and is excited to bring her love of typography and simple, beautiful design to the Urban List. 

The token South African in the team, Gabrielle has a slight accent, and a slight online shopping and red wine addiction.

Content Marketing Executive

Brisbane writer Rachel follows more pets and food stuffs on Instagram than humans, is partial to the deep fried variety of food and is that annoying friend that tags you in every food article on Facebook. You know the one. 

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Marketing Manager

Hailing from Hampton, Emma is The Urban List’s expert on all things food; from sourcing those hard-to-find ingredients to perfecting that final plating flourish. When she’s not heading up Melbourne’s marketing activities, you’ll find her searching out the south-side’s latest eateries. 

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Content Marketing Specialist

With a background in consumer trend forecasting and marketing communications, Clare honed her skills in Belfast, London and New York before arriving in Melbourne in 2012. Her passions include mac’n’cheese, podcasts and overly emotional creative writing, and she's as well versed in bicycle puncture repair as she is world-class scotch.

Clare is most likely to be found in the backstreet galleries and dive bars of Melbourne’s inner north, and loves nothing more than making people laugh on the internet. As for her thoughts on working with The Urban List? #wemadeit

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Communications Executive

Our resident country kid, Soph grew up with the paddock to plate experience and was surrounded by the culinary delights of Tasmania. It’s no wonder she’s a lover of all things cheese, seafood and wine. Soph enjoys writing, Pimms jugs and overly competitive games of monopoly. Her background is in marketing and advertising for a trade mark logo - a world away from the food and froffies of  The Urban List

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Senior Business Development Executive

Ben is a well-travelled local who is proud to call Melbourne home. He has a background working in sales, marketing and events for a large FMCG brand and brings a passion for small business that began with a highly successful car washing business at the age of five - if success were measured in Ghost Drops he'd be #killingit. Ben is a huge fan of live music, craft beer and unashamed fawning over cats on the Internet.

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Business Development Specialist

Daniel has worked in digital for a number of years from running online video campaigns for big name brands to his own business where he brings his passion for small business and online marketing to The Urban List. A self confessed fitness enthusiast, Daniel is also a pulled pork fanatic.

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Content Manager

Simone is a serial wanderluster with the world on her list, swapping Adelaide's beaches for Sydney's inner west. She still can't believe she now has a gig where her passion for sweet potato fries, a good burger and share plates will count as "work". When she's not eating her way through her next country you'll find her sipping on a negroni and hanging out with a cavoodle called Lolli. 

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Content Manager

Tessa has worked in journalism and communications for more than a decade and is excited to be part of The Urban List family. As an avid reader and writer, she is looking forward to bringing her writing and editing skills to the role of Perth editor. A lover of hot chips and green juice in equal measures, you'll often find Tess in a poky wine bar, at a farmers' market, sweating through an Xtend Barre class, planning her next meal or saving her cash monies for the next travel adventure.

Tess is super pumped to share Perth’s best eating, drinking, shopping and wellness with you—and can’t believe she landed a job where she gets to do just that. 

Contact Tess for editorial enquiries. 

Senior Content Marketing Executive

Chloe has worked in journalism, marketing and communications for more than five years and is still over the moon about landing her dream job at The Urban List.

Obsessed with Perth, pizza, puppies and popcorn, Chloe is also a self-confessed wellness guru, which thankfully counteracts the effects of all the pizza and popcorn she eats. When she’s not stuffing her face at the movies she can be found tasting her way around Perth’s best restaurants, trying not to fall over in an Xtend Barre class or buying more clothes than her cupboard space allows.

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Marketing Manager 

Eating and drinking her way around Perth since returning from a 5-year stint in Sydney, Katie is now on a mission to find WA’s best lychee martini! She is happiest when she’s by the beach, vino in one hand and cheese in the other.

She still cannot believe after 10 years in marketing she has landed her dream job at The Urban List. Finally, a purpose to all that eating and drinking!

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Graphic Designer

Bryce has worked in design for the best part of 5 years. He provides a diverse set of skills ranging from creative thinking through to detailed execution.

Outside of work Bryce prefers to keep life pretty simple with his main passions being surfing, photography, music and nice red wine.

Content Marketing Executive

Anna believes wholeheartedly in “everything in moderation” but still can’t manage to pass up an opportunity to try Perth’s latest and greatest fads…air yoga and a juice cleanse anyone? She could very happily live off avocado, wine and ice cream (straight from the tub, obviously) but occasionally throws in a green juice for good measure. She also likes listening to her favourite songs on repeat until she knows every word—not an annoying habit at all. After years of acting like it’s her job to know about everything and anything that is going on in Perth, she can’t quite believe she’s actually getting paid to do this. 

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Content Manager

Marilynn has been working in the online space for a decade, working as an online editor, social media manager or product manager for some of New Zealand’s top lifestyle sites and is thrilled take on the role as the Auckland editor of The Urban List. She loves spending time with her family and exploring all the events, restaurants, bars and shopping that Auckland has to offer. She can’t wait to share it all with you. In her (rare) moments of down-time you’ll find her with a (print) book because the perfect sentence gives her goose bumps. 

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Marketing Manager

Since starting her marketing career in 2009, Caylie’s proud to have contributed to the growth of great New Zealand and International brands. After a two-year stint in London, she’s happy to be home to the land of jandals, Vogels and the freshest of fish, to seek out the best that Auckland has to offer. If it’s delicious, unique or inspiring, she’ll find it!

With her ‘anything is possible’ attitude, enthusiasm and collaborative approach to work, she’s excited to be a founding member of The Urban List’s Auckland team and ready to help more Kiwi businesses grow.  

Contact Caylie about marketing opportunities and collaborations.

Communications Executive

Kiwi born, Dubai bred, Olivia has finally decided to stay put in the mighty fine city of Auckland. As The Urban List youngin', she’s amped to bring her bubbliness, knack of words and snapping skills to the crew. With a background in digital content marketing and journalism, you’ll often find Olivia trawling through the interweb with a craft beer in hand, still in shock about landing her dream job. 

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Content Marketing Executive 

Born and bred in Hamilton, Natasha is now a proud Jafa. You’ll find her pumping iron at the gym, hiking the Waitaks or at the end of a spoon of peanut butter. She enjoys cheesecake, being outdoors and French films. She dreams of traveling the world and owning a kombi van. 

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