48 Thoughts We All Had While Watching The Real Housewives of Auckland Final

By Marilynn McLachlan
18th Oct 2016

thoughts we had while watching the real housewives of auckland

Oh boy, oh boy...things got so heated this week in The Real Housewives Of Auckland that I'm surprised the South Pole didn't melt! Talk about DRAMA.

This week saw Michelle's husband (with the help of Gilda) throw a birthday party of epic proportions for the beauty, but our trusty stirrers couldn't help but make it turn ugly. Angela repeatedly said she wanted to throw a cat amongst the pigeons—and she did just that. Goal acheived, Angela. Well done.

And, sad to say it's the final episode of the season, but you can betcha that we'll be back next time. With popcorn. 

Without further ado, here are 48 thoughts we had while watching The Real Housewives Of Auckland this week...

  1. Nawww! Love that you look after the chicken, Gilda.
  2. All those snacks for a girly chat? Bit different to when I hang with the girls.real housewives of auckland
  3. You're struggling to see Angela as real, Gilda? You and everyone else.
  4. Angela, smiling while being mean? That's called a smiling assassin. real housewives of auckland
  5. Julia...pot, kettle and all that jazz.
  6. Julia, you're pushing Angela to do the hard work. Where's your spine?
  7. Do you all think you're better than the other? Woman are allowed to build each other up, you know?
  8. 17 years and no birthday in New Zealand? Whoa!
  9. What flavour cake your wife likes shouldn't be a difficult question, David.
  10. There's Mike! Have we swapped to The Bachelor?real housewives of auckland
  11. Awkward...no calls.
  12. God can't phone you, sorry Louise.
  13. What? It's 1.30 in the morning? No wonder there are no calls!
  14. Sparkly shoes at that hour? We love you, Anne.real housewives of auckland
  15. Donald Trump? Oh Anne, tell us more! Do you regret it now?
  16. A helicopter for your birthday, Michelle? You lucky, lucky woman.
  17. Oh poor bloody Leah is back...real housewives of auckland
  18. Why would you feel it necessary to ruin a party, Angela?
  19. It's hard to walk in six-inch heels with a blindfold? We hear ya, Michelle!real housewives of auckland
  20. That champagne is flowing! Let's get this party started!
  21. Louise is gonna put her cards on the table...this is gonna be gooood.
  22. Christchurch peeps have six-million dollar ears? I want me some of those!
  23. Bitches squabbling. Couldn't agree more, Michelle. 
  24. Humanity and humility...you go Gilda.
  25. That's two f-bombs and we're only half way in!real housewives of auckland
  26. Poor Julia is getting hammered tonight. We don't like to see tears.
  27. "I know I say some stupid things but I'm also f*cking intelligent as well." You tell us, Julia.
  28. Seriously, PMT? That's a blow for any woman, Angela. Also, these days it's PMS.
  29. So, Angela, you know it won't go down well with Michelle, yet you still want to go there? On her birthday? Did your mama not teach you some manners?
  30. "Do you think I'm slurring?" We still love you, Anne.
  31. "They look second hand." Ummm...hate to break it to you, Michelle, but antiques usually are. real housewives of auckland
  32. Leah's going back to France? Nooooooo!
  33. No present? Louise! You should know better than that. Nice save, though.
  34. A Gucci lion ring? Wowsie! Gilda, can we be friends? 
  35. You can't be outstaged by this party, David. Don't you be worrying about that.
  36. "Hold a mirror up to your face and what do you see? You see yourself." You're as wise as an owl, Angela. 
  37. Back the truck up, Angela. Louise is your friend? 
  38. Poor, poor Michelle. She didn't deserve this—especially on her birthday. Actually, not any damn day. real housewives of Auckland
  39. So. You both destroy her birthday and yet all you can do is look smug? Mannnn. real housewives of auckland
  40. At least you owned up to it, Louise.
  41. I need a drink, too, Anne.real housewives of auckland
  42. Michelle is so elegant even when she's mad as hell.
  43. Check out the peeps in the background!real housewives of auckland
  44. What have I missed? Having an opinion is a bad thing?
  45. You're everything Gilda's not? You've got that right, Angela. 
  46. Ok, the bitchiness tonight is actually next level.
  47. Hang on, what? It's not the final is it?
  48. Oh crap, it is...will they have all made up by the next season?

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