64 Thoughts We All Had Watching Married At First Sight

By Urban List Writers
1st Oct 2017

64 Thoughts We All Had Watching Married At First Sight

What happens when 12 people sign up to allow two relationship experts to choose the love of their life and the first time you meet them is when you say “I do”? Television gold.

Yep, our prayers have been answered by the folks over at Three with Married At First Sight hitting our shores. The first episode is done and dusted and let’s just say we. Are. Hooked.

While we tried to keep our thoughts about the first episode of Married At First Sight at just 40, there was just sooo much gold it somehow became 64. 

Without further ado, here are 64 thoughts we all had while watching Married At First Sight. 

  1. Popcorn is ready. This is gonna be gooooood.
  2. “These days there’s so many options for dating. There’s online dating, there’s mobile dating...” Ummm…ok.
  3. A whole marriage in six weeks? Are you even at the farting stage by then?
  4. That counsellor dude looks like the rugby referee Wayne Barnes. Do we really need him adjudicating?
  5. And he wears orange shoes…
  6. …about the same colour as all the dresses all the brides seem to be wearing.
  7. Vicky: ‘Guys aren’t in the same place as I am’. What, you mean a reality TV show?
    married at first sight
  8. Wowser, check out those guns! 
  9. “I’m gonna be a step dad!” Who is this guy? We love him already.
  10. White water rafting, bubble baths and zip gliding. All the fun of The Bachelor.
  11.  “I’m so sick of putting out my line out and going for a fish and coming back with a crab every time.” You and everyone else, Angel.
    married at first sight
  12. Look who’s baaaackkkk. 
  13. Bro, you can hope for more in a wife than that she’ll hang around.
  14. You’re gonna be Mrs Somebody Else? You do you.
  15. Kissing frogs and looking for a prince…let’s hope the fairy tale stacks up for this princess.
  16. It’ll be his THIRD marriage? Sheesh, that seems a bit greedy.
  17. Yes, Bel. We remember you from The Bachelor. Let’s hope you’re over Zac.
  18. “Women have better chat than men.” Couldn’t agree more, Ben. 
  19. We get parents who are about marriage equality but not marrying a complete stranger.
  20. She’s looking for sex? We love your honesty, Claire.
  21. We love your family Lacey, but you do you, not your sister…
  22. Sinister music as we meet Skye… this girl is gonna be evil…
  23. On the cusp of introvert and extrovert…do you mean ambivert? We’re here to help, Pani.
  24. Luke’s humble about the ocean because “it’s a whole lot of water”. Wise words.
    married at first sight
  25. Also. Wetsuit hats are a thing? We. Can't. Even. 
    married at first sight
  26. Wowsie! Claire can pole dance? Noice!
  27. He left you for someone else…? F*ck him Claire.
  28. A police officer and a pole dancer—what could possibly go wrong?
  29. Dom, your home looks quirky af. We likey.
  30. We thought it was meant to be evil step mums not evil stepdaughters…
    married at first sight
  31. Flannelette shirts, a rugby ball and number 8 wire—can these guys be any more cliché?
  32. Hey Luke’s brother, did you wonder why the cameras were there?
  33. Skye, you already have a kids—you aint losing your twin sister—you're gaining a brother-in-law! 
  34. Lacey doesn’t like beards…Ruh-roh.
  35. Lacey is rocking the lace.
  36. Ummm…Dom…not sure about telling your girls they’re getting a step mum on national TV.
  37. “It’s really weird.” It takes a teenager to speak the truth.
  38. Is Claire Jay Jay Harvey in 20 years?
    married at first sight
  39. A Christmas jersey? We love you even more, Luke.
  40. Manage those nerves with a beer. Good plan, Luke.
  41. Evil twin Skye has dark eye makeup and a black dress. Well played, Mediaworks.
  42. Allll the drama is set to hit with Rebecca.
  43. “I want a man taller than me so I can wear heels.” Houston, we have a problem.
  44. Luke just dropped the F-bomb!
  45. Don’t think Lacey’s mum is too happy. If looks could kill…
  46. Double thumbs up from us, Luke—and Lacey!
  47. Luke! Get ya hands out of your pockets.
  48. Lacey gives as good as she gets. We like her.
  49. Our first kiss! Our first marriage!
  50. Surely they could have picked up the rubbish in the street?
  51. Rebecca, it’s your mum’s choice. Calm your farm.
    married at first sight
  52. Dom’s getting choked up and so are we.
  53. Rebecca’s face says there’s serious objections.
    married at first sight
  54. Did Luke seriously let go of Lacey to burp? This is almost as good as Poppy’s fart.
  55. Rebecca’s over it? We couldn’t have predicted that…
  56. You need some alone time? This isn’t The Bachelor, you know.
  57. 7.2? Do you need glasses Luke? There’s being funny and there’s being a dick.
  58. Thank goodness Lacey's dad has thrown his guns away.
  59. Claire protecting her daughter #topmum
  60. Just worried your mum was going to get hurt? Oh Rebecca, did we get you wrong?
    married at first sight
  61. You’re meant to be carrying her through the door, not have her drag you, Luke.
  62. Bed talk. A for awkward.
  63. Holy shit Dom and Claire! We don’t know where to look! Well…Claire WAS straight up with what she wanted.
  64. Damn, it’s over. Bring on tomorrow night. 


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