Ditch The Roses And Burn Love Letters Instead At This Strictly R18 Anti-Valentine’s Day Event

By Armelle Frimpong

A girl lines up a shot with a bow and arrow at anti valentine's day

There are three types of people in this world, those who absolutely love Valentine’s Day and all it entails, those who are blissfully ambivalent... and those who completely loathe it. Well good news for those of you who fall into the latter two camps as MOTAT have cooked up an event just for you.

Introducing Anti-Valentine’s Day, the best night out for those riding solo, celebrating with mates, or with Tinder dates in tow. You can even bring your—cough—partner, this event doesn’t discriminate, just don’t rub it in or you’ll have the love police on your tail stamping out any and all forms of PDA.

For just $20 you can partake in a little boozy painting with Paintvine, make your own perfume or cocktail, ride a mechanical bull or dance quietly by yourself—tears or maniacal laughter optional—at the silent disco. 

Alternatively, if you're still feeling bitter, why not take part in a cathartic exercise and rip up your ex’s love letters and throw them in the Pumphouse Boiler inferno. Good riddance.

With three on site bars and a karaoke machine this night could be the answer to your prayers. Jump on an old school tram or take a tour on the horse and carriage, who knows you might even leave with something more than just good feelings. These tickets are selling fast so if this all sounds like a bit of you, snap them up right here.

The Details

What: Anti-Valentine’s At MOTAT
When: February 13 2021, 7pm-11pm
Where: MOTAT

While you’re at it, why not feed your dark heart with this anti-Valentine’s chocolate.

Image credit: MOTAT

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