Aucklands Best Dog Groomers

By Nina Franklin
13th Sep 2017

Aucklands Best Dog Groomers

There’s nothing better than jumping into bed after a long day at work for a snuggle sesh with your beloved fur baby—only to find Fido’s been rolling in some naaaaaasty shiz! And trying to wash your precious pupper yourself can prove to be a mission and a half, so it’s off to the groomers they go!

Just like us humans, grooming is essential to your dog’s health and wellbeing. Dog groomers are also a great option for in-between vet checks as they are often trained in what to look for, such as skin conditions and dental problems.

So we’ve made it a little easier for you and rounded up a list of some of Aucklands best dog groomers, to take care of your precious pup from head to paw.

Barkley Manor

Grey Lynn

Located in Grey Lynn, this “manor-style” state of the art facility is dedicated to giving your pup the best care possible. Barkely Manor offers cage-free, leash-free grooming services for owners who are looking for a safe and healthy solution for their dog’s needs. Their motto being— “Cleanliness is next to dogliness.” Barkley Manor are very specific about making sure they are grooming your precious pooch exactly the way you want, you can even watch them work their magic in the open plan space. Every dog gets the full service, with baths, nail trims, anal gland checks and ear cleaning. The offer routine health checks to let you know when your fur baby might need to go to the vet and they offer specialist dog care, in case your pup suffers from skin or joint issues.

Woodcote Farms


Situated on a 10-acre farm in West Auckland, this is a dog day care, dog kennel and groomer all in one. Woodcoat Farms' vision is to tailor their services around every dog’s unique requirements, providing a personalised experience. The grooming facility is run by Amanda Carmody, a senior stylist with more than 15 year’s experience in grooming many different breeds with services ranging from a bath and a blow wave to show-quality grooms! There is also a vet on call 24/7 for those pup-emergencies.

Wags pets

Bucklands Beach

Wags Pets is acclaimed to be one of the best pet groomers in Auckland. They not only groom your pups to perfection, but cats too! Their packages include a deluxe full groom for the longer haired breeds, a short hair groom, a quick wash ‘n’ dry and a mini groom, which is designed to keep your pup in tip top shape in between its big grooms. Wags also offers nail trimming, teeth de-scaling, anal gland checks and even hair dying!

Paw Hub Pet Grooming


Situated in Grey Lynn/Ponsonby, Paw Hub is not only about top quality grooming but about the general well-being of your pup too! Run by Fernanda Marangoni, a international master groomer with more than 16 year’s experience in Brazil and New Zealand in various dog grooming salons. As well as Fernanda, all of the groomers at Paw Hub are required to take a pet first aid course and a refresher course every two years to make sure that your fur baby is looked after in the best possible way!

Barkers Grooming


Located in the West Auckland burb of Henderson, Barkers believes dog grooming shouldn’t be a luxury pet owners can’t afford. Because of this they’ve come up with a super competitive price list that won’t break the bank! Their services include a full dog groom, mini groom, puppies first groom—once your pup has had its final vaccination and a deshedding service for those double coated breeds, great for the hot summer months.

Studio Hound


Studio Hound is all about pampering your pooch to perfection by using only the best natural products available. As well as offering boutique grooming services, they also offer day play services for some doggy play date fun! They even have behavioural services, just in case your pupper is a little harder to manage on the grooming table. Promising an improvement in behaviour in as little as two to three visits!

Jim's Dog Wash

Multiple locations

This one is for those of you who prefer your dog to be preened in the comfort of your own home. Jim's Dog Wash is a mobile facility that specialises in grooming, washing and flea treatment services. They also have a built in shop selling everything from pet food, doggy treats and toys to collars, leads and grooming equipment. A super handy option if time is not on your side.


Three Poodles 


Three poodles dog groomers have been a staple in the Auckland dog grooming community for over 10 years and are renowned to be the best of the best. Contrary to their name they specialise in any and every dog breed and pride themselves on giving top notch services. But what sets them aside from the rest is that they offer holistic services and massage to your precious pup and the specialise in helping nervous dogs. So if you’re pupper is not to keen on new people but needs a good pamper sesh, then this fabulous business is the place to go!

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