Your Guide To The Best Bamboo Underwear

By Jessica Best
8th Jun 2022

No doubt you’ve heard a thing or two about “bamboo underwear”, especially relating to how it’s the more eco-friendly choice when it comes to well, choosing your drawers.

Whether you’re just mildly curious about the case made for bamboo undies or you’re looking for ways to convince yourself to go bamboo stat, we’re going to break down the ins and outs of this seemingly nature-friendly wardrobe staple. We mean, it doesn’t have a cult following for no reason.

Here’s everything to know about bamboo undies.

What Is Bamboo Underwear?

If you’re picturing a set of briefs made out of actual bamboo branches, you’re semi on the right track.

To make bamboo underwear, actual bamboo branches get harvested and with the help of some pretty awesome textile processing tech, gets processed into a fibre known as viscose rayon which is known for being a very fine and soft yarn. 

What Are The Benefits Of Bamboo Underwear?

Bamboo undies get a good wrap for a multitude of reasons. On the hygiene and health side of things, bamboo undies are antibacterial, moisture-wicking and have the ability to resist odours (big yay).

On the sustainable side, growing bamboo itself doesn’t require the big amounts of water and any pesticides, as cotton does. In fact, bamboo only uses about a third of the amount of water that cotton needs to grow successfully (which in turn, gives it that aforementioned ability to hold moisture a lot better).

Another great reason to go bamboo is the fact that along with having an element of thermal control, these babies are super hypoallergenic. This makes them super perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin. Compared to cotton undies, bamboo underwear doesn’t take to bacteria which will mean you’re less likely to get irritated skin.

To round it all off, the fabric of bamboo undies is the human equivalent to an actual CrossFit athlete—these bad boys have durability engrained in them and retain their shape and quality a lot more than cotton, even after a tonne of washes.

What Makes Bamboo Sustainable Though?

We hear you—fact time. To essentially give you the crux of it, bamboo isn’t a tree but rather a type of grass that grows uber fast (the fastest in the world actually). Because of this, it’s classified as a renewable resource. Plus, it generally doesn’t need any irrigation or fertilisers to grow. When it does get harvested, the roots are kept intact in the soil, meaning there’s no soil erosion either, and new bamboo can grow again out of the very same root system.

Where Can I Find The Best Bamboo Underwear?

Keen to make the switch? We thought so. The brilliant thing now about bamboo undies is that there are so many brands embracing the likes of bamboo boxers and bamboo briefs so you won’t be at a shortage in terms of styles, colours and designs. You can scope out the best bamboo underwear brands below.


A standout in this space has to be sustainable Aussie brand Boody which makes everyday basics and yep you guessed it, bamboo undies for men and women. Boody’s organic bamboo everyday boxers are an absolute staple. You can cop these in a handy pack of seven and they feature a hand-sewn waistband with a debossed logo for a bit of snazzy jazzy down there. These ones are OEKO-TEX certified and measure up to a mid-rise cut.

You can also cop a five-pack of Boody’s bamboo undies in the way of boyleg briefs for ultra comfort. This set is super durable, breathable and come with a soft, ribbed waistband and seamfree sides so they won’t snag on anything else you wear.


Baserange’s ‘Bell’ briefs, pass the OEKO-TEX process checks by a mile and contain FSC-certified pulp which is sourced from a sustainably managed forest. The best part is, you can actually match these bamboo bottoms with a matching bralette and don’t even get us started on its wholesome, earthy colour.

vee underwear

We also dig Vee underwear. This Aussie brand is a big gamechanger in the bamboo underwear world because unlike other designs, Vee is all about the... "ass-thetic" (you're welcome). You'll find a delicious slew of styles with Vee including bikini cuts, g-string cuts and boyleg cuts. To really put the icing on the cake, these booty huggers thrive in black and beige which means you can flaunt these in absolutely any style combo ever.

Step One

Step One is another killer Australian underwear label nailing it in this space. You won't find any Brazillian-cut pieces or bralettes here but for anyone who finds comfort in the boxers, trunks and of course, boxers with zips (a double whammy), you'll be right in bamboo undie heaven here.

Hara the label

If you're looking to live in your second skin, Hara The Label is your absolute jam. Allie Cameron is the founder of Hara and she's damn intent on minimising the environmental impact the fashion industry has on the planet. You can rest assured that all the bamboo underwear from Hara The Label are produced ethically, naturally dyed, cut and sewn and they're then packaged and shipped from Melbourne.

The best thing about Hara is that you'll find a big variety of fits pending what cuts you like best for your body (yes to this) and then, you can go to town on choosing from a rainbow of colours. Pick your poison from a high waist cut, a g-string cut, a low waist cut and then our personal favourite—the Ivory Bumi leotard.

And here's everything to know about palm oil.

Image credit: Hara The Label

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