We Tried A Sound Bath In Auckland And This Is What Happened

By Armelle Frimpong
30th Jul 2021

We're halfway through the year and as always happens in winter our batteries are starting to run low. For many of us, now could be the perfect time for a bath, but not the kind you're thinking of. We're talking about a soul-cleansing sound bath and with new dates just announced you're going to want to book your spot fast.  

So what is a sound bath we hear you cry? It's a meditative practice whereby participants are bathed in sound waves created using sound frequencies from a range of instruments like gongs, chimes, crystal bowls, and RavVast. Intrigued? We went along to a sound bath hosted by Sophie Correia at Crossing Paths to find out what you can expect when you have a sound bath. 

First of all, what to bring. Sophie provides bolsters, blankets and mats but if you’d like to supplement with your own blanket, pillow and mat from home please do. You’ll also want to grab your comfiest lounge set from 2020—think of it as a giant slumber party—you can even bring an eye mask. Next, you’ll lie down in the calming space upstairs and prepare yourself for an hour of bliss. Following some short words of introduction from Sophie, you’ll be invited to relax and let the sounds carry you away. 

You won’t find regular rhythms and tunes being played here—the random notes you’ll hear are designed to help you meditate without your brain getting hooked on a beat. You’ll be forgiven for wanting to peek at Sophie at the front doing her thing—and it’s a sight to behold—but however, you want to spend your time here is entirely up to you, there are no hard and fast rules.

Sound baths are thought to help with strengthening immunity, reducing physical pain, relieving stress, restoring emotional balance, improving sleep and amplifying creativity. And everyone’s experience will be different, but you should absolutely expect one of the best night’s sleep of your life after this sonic embrace. We are definitely converted, so we’ll see you there.

Book your place fast as these sessions always sell out.

The Details

What: Crossing Paths Sound Bath
Where: Basecamp Yoga, The Scrap Yard, 5B/18 Westmoreland St, Grey Lynn
When: 3:30pm – 4:30pm, next available dates 15, 22, 29 August 2021.

Get into the flow at one of Auckland's best yoga studios.

Image credit: Crossing Paths

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