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Cue The Horror, This Halloween Make Up Inspo Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

By Thea Fauvel
25th Oct 2019

Zorin Blitz as a creepy pumpkin

Hubble bubble toil and trouble baby, October 31 is the perfect day to be a little extra and transform yourself into something spooky and we’re here to help you prep for it. We've found the freakiest and most skilful make-up artists on the 'gram to scare you into shape this Halloween.


From nature-inspired horror-beauties to IT recreations and crazy realistic animals, this artist does it all. Zorin turns her human face into the stuff of nightmares. The detail she uses in her paintwork is so eerily good you’ll be inspired to try to recreate one of her looks. Add a pair of colourless contacts and your living-nightmare face is good to go.


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Move over purge masks and freaky filters, Halloween makeup is in. This talented artist is helping you create the real-deal sweet and sassy look. Think glam, colour, pastels and horror that isn’t going to give you nightmares for weeks. His flawless makeup will give you inspo for that scary but still cute tho disguise (think neon skeletons and colour-pop clowns). Plus, what’s not to love about a Doritos themed look?


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When art meets horror, we find ourselves at this artist's Instagram page. If you’re feeling squeamish, now’s your chance to run, this artist will bombard you with gore. Her serious talent for making not just face transformations but gruesome chest creations too will leave you inspired. The natural hues of tan, orange and brown that fill her feed somehow make the gore a little less scary and a little more artistically appealing. 


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This artist creates striking and not-too-gruesome looks. We’re talking Stranger Thing’s Eleven, The Shining’s creepy twins, and even that disturbing doll in Toy Story. Is there anything she can’t do? Halloween is the perfect excuse to bring out that little black dress and turn yourself into a badass Wednesday Addams and with a little help from this talented woman, you’ll ace it. 


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From fake cuts and wounds to complete face transformations, this young Kiwi is killing the freaky-beauty game. At only 18 she’s got some serious talent and some great inspo for your Halloween look. Plus for all the Wizard fans out there, be sure to visit her account—she does some killer Harry Potter inspired horror. 


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OK, some of the special effects makeup may be a bit ambitious for us non-make up artists, and not completely practical for Halloween parties (think sweat and latex running down your face two drinks in, not great). So, we’ve found this artist. She shows off the full potential of Halloween makeup using everyday makeup. During the year she mostly sticks to glam, but when Halloween rolls around she combines the perfect combo of cute and creepy. Sporting colourful wigs, this artist loves to recreate a Halloween cartoon classic (think Beetlejuice and the little mermaid’s Ursula).


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Image credit: Zorin Blitz

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