Heat Up At One Of Auckland’s Best Hot Yoga Studios

By Tennille Ziegler
17th Sep 2019

Feeling enticed by the neverending benefits of yoga, but not quite sure how to transition from a high-intensity HIIT workout to a slow, calming yoga practice? Us too. That’s why we’re digging hot yoga—a beautiful combination of stretching and lengthening your muscles in a warm, moist (some might say, sweaty) environment.

Whilst there's been a bit of debate over whether it’s better than the usual room temperature class, we think there are benefits to both, so why not try it out? Hot yoga is known to help curb your stress (the heat definitely makes you focus on your breath more), can stretch your muscles a little further than a cold room and is a bit more intense than a room-temperature class.

So, keen to give it a go? Check out our list of Auckland’s best hot yoga studios below. 

Studio Red


Located in the bustling City Works Depot, Studio Red is by far one of the most beautiful studios we’ve been to. If you’re looking for a space that oozes luxury, we’ve found it. Designed by award-winning architects, you'll notice all the classy details, from the plush sofas on which to chill out and the fragrant cedarwood lining the yoga room to the marble and gold finishes in the bathroom. Studio Red is suitable for everyone, with a range of yoga styles on offer, however, we recommend checking what you’re in for before you launch into their Vinyasa class (their most challenging offering). 



This hot yoga studio not only provides a workout but invites you to connect to your inner self. We’d say it’s a little more spiritual than you may find in other studios—but that’s why we love it. EastWest offers a mix of classic Bikram, Hatha Yoga, Power Vinyasa and Yin, providing a wide range of styles for you to find your favourite. We recommend checking out the events they have on offer to further your spiritual fix. 

The Yoga Corner


The Yoga Corner name says it all: simplicity. If you’re looking for a place to get your quick fix, then this hot yoga studio is the place for you. Pro tip: get there early to secure your place as the studio fills up fast and can become crowded, though rubbing along with your neighbour just serves to heighten the experience. There’s Power Vinyasa, Hot Hatha, Yin Yang and Yin Yoga classes available, so there’s something for everyone. 



If you’re a city slicker, look no further than Abundance, located in the heart of Auckland City. Offering yoga, Pilates and Barre, this beautiful venue offers a retreat from an otherwise busy life. At their foundation is Hot Power Yoga—a challenging vinyasa-style class, whilst also offering various forms of traditional yoga for a more laid-back vibe. Bring a sweat towel as you’re guaranteed to be dripping by the end of this class. 

Om Yoga


If you’re in need of a local East Auckland Studio—this is it. Located in Stonefields, Om Yoga is the perfect studio for everyone. Yes you heard us right, Om Yoga’s purpose is to make yoga accessible for everyone. With a variation of classes, from vinyasa to heated and slow flows, through to hatha styles and yin classes, we’re pretty sure you’re going to find a style you love. 

Breathe Hot Yoga & Pilates


Modern and sophisticated are two words we would use to describe Breathe in a nutshell. Located in Albany on the North Shore, Breathe offers a range of different classes including hot yoga, hot Pilates and HIIT. Breathe welcome everyone to their contemporary, heat controlled studio, from beginners to the more advanced so get on it!

Sweat Yoga


It isn’t called Sweat Yoga for no reason as this studio will heat you up and get you perspiring! Located in Newmarket, Sweat Yoga is an absolute firehouse with its teachings of 26 different postures to channel every bit of strength in your body and somehow channel inner peace at the same time. Tighten those muscles, calm your mind and soul and walk out feeling squeaky clean from inside out. As well as the traditional 90-minute hot yoga Bikram class, Sweat Yoga also offers 1-hour versions for the time-poor amongst us. Try their pilates class too, set to pumping music your muscles will be screaming, but in a good way, we promise. 

Hot Yoga Asylimb


For those of you on the outskirts of Auckland, Hot Yoga Asylimb deserves to be your new go-to. With 95% of its students having never practised yoga before, there’s no need to be shy if you’re a newbie. Best of all, they teach four diverse styles of yoga, including Mukti, Yin, Flow and Yoga Nidra.

Hot Yoga Works


If Bikram Yoga is your thing, then Hot Yoga Works will be your newfound favourite. Located in the best location for downtown worker bees, this Bikram studio is based in Britomart. Unsure of the difference between hot yoga and Bikram? Bikram is heated to 40 degrees instead of the usual 30 degrees and is a series of 26 hatha yoga postures and two pranayama (breathing) techniques. Think there’s not much difference between the two temps? Try it and find out for yourself. 

Room temperature yoga more your vibe? Check out Auckland's best yoga studios.

Image credit: Matt Cardy

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