Gaze Up At The Northern Lights From Iceland’s Bubble Hotels

By Rick Stephens
10th Sep 2020

A clear bubble with a bed inside underneath the Northern Lights.

You’d be kidding yourself if you said you weren’t interested in seeing the Aurora Borealis in all its magnificence. There are several ways to realise that dream, but one of the easiest, and more pleasant, is to book yourself in at one of the completely transparent Buubble Hotels in Iceland.

The accommodation itself is comfortable, yet simple, letting your surroundings do most of the heavy lifting. There is of course no guarantee the Aurora Borealis will put on a show for you, but Buubble has selected the locations so that you have the best chance of catching those northern lights doing their dance.

Those wondering about privacy, or lack there of, can rest easy knowing that each bubble has been positioned in such a way that you’ll be out of sight from the neighbours. Guests will, however, share an amenities hut just a short walk away from your see-through home.

Inside, you’ll find a luxe queen bed, plenty of blankets for the sub-zero temperatures in winter and several power outlets. The remote location does mean there’s no WiFi, but as these sorts of getaways go, the beauty of the landscape should keep you occupied.

Buubble can be found in two locations across Iceland, both by the Golden Circle and along the stunning south coast. Tours of the area can also be booked as part of your experience should you be concerned about getting bored in your bubble.

Up by the Golden Circle, your guided tour will take you through the Thingvellir National Park, which is especially magnificent in winter, then to a geyser where you can witness the mass expulsion of water from deep below. The south coast tour is equally as magical, where you’ll be escorted to the famous black sand beach known as Reynisfjara.

Buubble is taking bookings now at around $250aud per night, though eager Australians will have to add to this their (very lengthy) bucket list for when our borders reopen.

In the meantime, start planning your local escape via our Travel section.

Image credit: Buubble

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